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Hero and Leander se presentan

Hero and Leander se presentan

Ahora que termina el verano, y con él la temporada de festivales, todo se pone en marcha y las discográficas nos presentan sus novedades editoriales, fichajes y giras invernales.

De entre los próximos lanzamientos nos ha resultado especialmente grato el de la banda británica Hero & Leander quienes nos presentaran en breve su primer álbum, Tumble. Pop honesto creado a base de melodías que perduran y letras elaboradas que tratan temas que van desde la filosofía al besuqueo.

Perteneciente al catálogo del sello alemán Tapete Records, será editado en nuestro país por Grenn Ufos.

Es la propia banda quien nos lo cuenta :

Pop music should be honest, should have melodies that linger, and lyrics that don’t read like bad poems. Hero & Leander try to follow these rules, and it seems to be working. The band has attracted comparisons to Belle and Sebastian, Squeeze, Camera Obscura, The xx and Arcade Fire. Their lyrics range in topic from philosophy to snogging, particle accelerators to police tactics, beauty to life being a pain in the rump.

The band has countless influences, but it’s worth mentioning that they borrowed a Beatles song title for their debut record, Tumble. So they must like the Beatles a lot. Here Comes the Sun, along with the rest of the album, was largely recorded in band members’ bedrooms, in London and Essex. Tumble’s songs were designed to sound good no matter who performs them. It’s about the personality of the song, not the personality of the band. Substance over style.

Then, they wanted a female singer, because female singers are lush. So they posted an advert. Along came Emily, from Liverpool. Initially, she thought the band might be internet killers, and she would only meet them in public places. Over two years they played gigs and had fun – playing music should be fun, right? – self-released an EP and got their hands round the baton of Great British Pop Music.

Hero & Leander’s record label is lovely Tapete Records. They met over the internet, too.