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Brighton 64 - La casa de la bomba

During the 1980s in Spain, backed by the so-called La Movida, it appeared (among many other youth subcultures) the mod scene with bands such as Brighton 64, Los Elegantes or Los Negativos. During the 1990s new groups appeared, being the most famous Los Flechazos, whose leader, Alejandro Díez, is now a member of Cooper.

Nowadays, there are some festivals in Spain which are interested in the revival of the culture of the 1960s. Among these, we need to highlight Euro Yeyé (in Gijón, Asturies) or Purple Weekend (León, Castilla y León).

Here you have an old clip of the Catalonian group, Brighton 64: one of the best mod bands which were born at the center of the culture of the 1980s.