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Music without Labels XXXXX. Kraftwerk, Kevens, Rouss

Music without Labels XXXXX

Kraftwerk´s experimental krautrock

Theatricalized reggae rock by Kevens

Rouss, eclectic and collaborative.

European rock IV: Kraftwerk

Breaking the mold, the Germans Kraftwerk chose the latest sound technology. They were convinced minimalists who introduced themselves as recording studio workers and recovered the heritage of the European avant-garde.

Focused on the level of their work and unconnected with the recording industry, they influenced David Bowie's Berlin trilogy, the wildest New York hip-hop or the later legions of synthesizer groups.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn (1974)

Track credited to Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter who gave the title to his fourth album. This experimental krautrock, which describes a twenty-two minute journey along a motorway, was impressive.

Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider met in Düsseldorf in 1968. Both had studied at the conservatory and played in jazz and blues bands. With the desire to integrate industrial sounds into their music they founded Organisation, which led to Kraftwerk. In their first works, Kraftwerk (1970), Kraftwerk 2 (1971) and Ralf und Florian (1973),  electronics gradually became more important than conventional instruments. With “Autobahn” they received recognition from both commercial broadcasters and avant-garde critics.

International: Kēvens

Kēvens is an American composer and singer living in Miami, Florida. His musical style, which he calls theatricalised reggae rock, spreads "a message of peace and brotherhood that transcends all cultures".

In the concerts, he shows an amazing musical combination of drum and bass rhythm and vocal skills. In addition, all this is influenced by dub or electronic reggae and a powerful visuality, both of the band and the stage.

Kēvens - Ital Stew (2013)

Performance of a song of his own authorship in the amphitheatre of Sunset Cove in Boca Raton (Florida). With the name of a traditional Rastafarian dish he shows us how dub sounds on stage.

After a career as an actor, Kēvens Bendix Celestine started as a hip-hop DJ and master of ceremonies. He soon became part of Le Coup, a band founded by Bob Marley's half-brothers, Richard and Anthony Booker. During this time, he would begin to shape his personal project, exploring the crossing of genres. He has a good record production and his album We are one (2010) stands out. At the same time he has performed at festivals around the world and continued to collaborate with the Marleys.

National: Rouss

Rouss is the recording project of Pablo Rousselon, a well-known music producer based in Madrid. His proposal is based on a series of collaborations that include different musical genres, regardless of the labels.

He has worked with the Barcelona artist Maifrén and the Valencian Olaya Alcázar and has released “Orgullosa”, a rhythm and blues and pop song that mixes sounds from the nineties with modern elements and melodies.

Rouss - Proud (2020)

Track composed by Roger Argemí and Pablo Rousselon. Edited as a debut single and produced during confinement, it is about pride in relationships.

Olaya Alcázar, Maifrén and Rouss are three very well-rounded artists. Olaya is a singer, pianist and composer whose viral song “Quédate en tu puta casa” was heard all over the world. Behind Maifrén we find Roger Argemí, a young singer, composer and producer of songs for TV series and Asian boybands such as Travis Japan. For his part, Rouss is an eclectic musician and producer who has worked with artists of such diverse styles as rhythm and blues, neosoul, trap, reggaeton, pop, rock and even punk.