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Music without Labels XXXXVI. Television, Matsu, Omar

Music without Labels XXXXVI

New York rock by Television

Atmosphere and warmth by Matsu

Omar´s british neosoul

Urban rock X: Others II

Other representatives of American street music were the bohemian Warren Zevon, the irascible rocker Richard Hell, the intercultural Garland Jeffreys and the underrated Nils Lofgren. There were also Canadians like Bryan Adams.

In the avant-garde scene, the learned composer Johnathan Richman, a student of the work of The Velvet Underground, and Suicide, a minimalist duo formed by Alan Vega and Martin Rev, lovers of climax and obsession, stood out. 

Television – Marquee Moon (1977)

This track was composed by their leader Tom Verlain and was released on their album of the same name. Considered the prelude of punk rock, the characteristic braiding of their two guitars stands out.

Television is the band of guitarist Tom Verlaine, born in New Jersey 1951. More writer than musician and after going through other bands, Verlaine formed the band in 1973. After signing to the record label Electra, in 1977 they released Marquee Moon, an album that’s considered a cornerstone of the New York sound and a masterpiece. It was followed by the LPs Adventure (1978) and The Blow-Up (1978), a double album that featured one of his last concerts. Verlain continued, without losing his personality, with a prolific career as a soloist and producer.

National: Matsu

Matsu is an electronic music duo based in Granada. Their proposal departs from commerciality and focuses on the experimentation and exploration of ambient music and its marriage with electronic dance music.

In their music, current, elegant and subtle, the organic and the melodic come together to create delicate soundtracks where we can find melancholy and suggestion, ambience and warmth. This has been defined music to dance without moving.

Matsu – Llegada (2020)

This track is credited to both members of the duo and appears on the album Nosotros. With this title they try to show that anybody anywhere can create something interesting and beautiful.

Matsu, whose members and trajectory have not transcended data, have been launched by the Seville record label WeAreWolves, which was created by the components of the band I am Dive. Among their influence we can find artists like Nils Frahm, Boards of Canada and Max Cooper, as well as representatives of what was once called IMD (intelligence dance music). In March 2020 they released Nosotros, a presentation album with six instrumental tracks that have resulted from a meticulous work of six months.

International: Omar

Omar is a singer, songwriter and musician who is considered to be one of the fathers of British neo soul. With an extensive musical career spanning over thirty years, he has recorded with legendary labels like Talkin’ Loud and Freestyle Records. 

Besides neo soul and rhythm and blues, his trademarks, in his records we can find funk, jazz and even Caribbean rhythms. His live performances are impressive, and he has collaborated with masters like Robert Glasper and rapper Ty.

Omar - Pass It On (2019)

This is a self-written song that was released as a single. In it, this decorated member of the British Empire for his services to music, sings a duet with Terry Walker.

Omar Christopher Lye-Fook was born in London in 1968, although he grew up in Canterbury. Son of Bob Marley’s drummer, he studied in the prestigious music schools of Chetham (Manchester) and Guildhall (London). He created a trend in 1990 with his first album There’s Nothing Like This and got a contract with the powerful company RCA. This allowed him to interact with first-rate artists and get recognition. His sister Samia sung in his records and his brother is the renowned producer, winner of a Grammy, Scratch Professor.