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MWL XXXXIII. Iggy Pop, Branquias Johnson, Charles Bradley

Music without Labels XXXXIII

Iggy Pop´s rock agitation

Andalusian punk by Branquias Johnson

Emotional soul by Charles Bradley.

Urban rock VI: Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is one of the great rock agitators. Musician and actor, he created a character that has turned into a myth. On stage he showed himself as an aggressive and exhibitionist being, that broke with the social slogans of the time.

He has had a long musical career, made by multiple stages, first as the frontman of the band The Stooges and later as a soloist. He is an artist that runs away from labels and has composed a good list of memorable songs.

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (1969)

This track was credited to the whole band and was released on their first album The Stooges. It contains a constant phraseology and rhythm that turned it into a reference for punk rock and heavy metal.

James Newell Osterberg was born in Muskegon (Michigan) in 1947. At a young age he went to Chicago, where he played drums with local blues artists. Influenced by The Doors, he founded The Stooges and became a vocalist. After releasing the albums, The Stooges (1969) and Fun House (1970), David Bowie sponsored them and Raw Power (1973) came out. Despite the good level, they ended up disbanding in 1977, and Iggy started his own career. He declared that he’d rather be starving than being on the top and turning into a music industry puppet.

National: Branquias Johnson

Branquias Johnson is a one-man band from Ronda, with a style that he himself defines as a garage, scrappy and poisonous rock and roll. Framed in the so-called Andalusian punk, he simplifies rock and roll looking for its essence. 

With musical references that go from the pioneer Little Richard to the current Crumb, passing through the sixties Peruvian band Psico, he creates small, suitable for choruses, hymns that are supported by this striking staging.

Branquias Johnson - Penumbra (2019)

This is a self-written song that was released in his album Electric Finger. This record contains varied scents such as rabid rockabilly, lo-fi rock, rowdy garage, retro blues and street pop punk.

With his terrific personality, Branquias Johnson has a special ability to have the audience eating out of his hand. This makes up for his lack of orthodoxy as a performer, with impudence and fury, turning his performances into whole experiences. He has released several records like the singles Branquias Johnson and Rocanrol y garaje de mierda both in 2017, and the album Electric Finger. This last one was released by the label Discos Los Desheredados, a platform used by other Andalusian rebel rock bands like Sweethearts from America and Tupelo Bound.

International: Charles Bradley

Charles Bradley was an American singer songwriter. Nicknamed “The Screaming Eagle of Soul”, his style of music was emotionally charged and inspired by funk and soul music of the 1960s and 1970s.

Despite his great talent, it took him six decades to publish his first record, which was released by the reviving label Daptone Records (New York). After four elegant albums charged with sensibility, he died in 2017.

Charles Bradley - Fly Little Girl (2018)

This track was composed by Bradley himself and Thomas Brenneck. Recorded in 2016 for his album Changes, it wasn’t released until later in Black Velvet, a posthumous album that reviews his work.

Charles Edward Bradley was born in Gainesville (Florida) in 1948, although he moved to New York at the age of eight, with his mother. After running away from home due to the very poor living conditions and living on the streets, thanks to a social programme he became a cook. In 1962, he was impressed by a concert by James Brown, who turned into his role model. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he was sixty-three that he was finally recognised, though this stage of glory only lasted six years.