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MWL XXXVI. The James Blood Ulmer Blues Experience, Nada Surf, Alis

Music without Labels XXXVI

Punk jazz by The James Blood Ulmer Blues Experience

Nada Surf´s melodic rock

The eclecticism by Alis.

Heavy metal XII: Nueva York

The city of New York has always been the gathering place for “heavy” guitarists. From controversial ones like Arlo Linsay to vanguards like Glenn Branca. Not forgetting about Pat Place, the sulfuric girl from the band Bush Tetras.

Other hits that came from the New York scene were Jody Harris, who imitated the hysterical The Contortions, Thurston Moore, the thunder from Sonic Youth, and Norman Westberg, from the ultraviolent Swans.

The James Blood Ulmer Blues Experience - Make It Right (1994)

This is a song that was composed by Ulmer himself and was released in his live recorded album, Live at the Bayerischer Hof. It shows a pounding guitar sound, inherited from Hendrix himself.

The rock industry regularly casts guitar starts, but, after Jimi Hendrix, it has systematically ignored black musicians. However, some of the most abrasive sounds of the last decade originated from guitarists that come from punk jazz. These are the illustrious strangers like the New Yorkers Ronnie Drayton and Jimi Hazel (24-7 Spyz), the Anglo-American Vernon Reid and the powerful James Blood Ulmer, who redefined the vocabulary of the instrument.

International: Nada Surf

Nada Surf is an international alternative rock and power pop band that originated in Brooklyn (New York). It’s formed by Matthew Caws (guitar and vocals), Daniel Lorca (bass and vocals), Doug Gillard (guitar) and Ira Elliot (drums and vocals).

Their songs contain a melodic rock that uses sweeping guitar solos to convey emotion. With whispering voices, they sing sharp and heartfelt lyrics about their humanistic view of the world.

Nada Surf - Something I Should Do (2019)

This is a song that is credited to the whole band and was released as a preview of their ninth album Never Not Together. With a devastating power pop, they display their ideas about life in the 21st century.

Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca met at the Lycée Français de New York. In 1992, they created the band Helicopter, which they would later rename Nada Surf, in reference to the sensation of finding yourself in an imaginary place that makes you listen to music more intensely. After adjustments in the lineup, the band gained wide recognition thanks to the track Popular, released in their first album High/Low (1996). Their second album The Proximity Effect (1998) lived up to their expectations and established them on the international scene.

National: Alis

Under the name Alis hides a complete and multifaceted musician. He is a producer, composer and singer with a solid work. Additionally, he has made multiple collaborations and soundtracks for feature films and short film.

Alis is a restless artist that possesses an amazing gift to write music of great quality and beauty. He is an eclectic artist, open to any style and musical stimulus, that does not fit under any label.

Alis - Bailando con el viento (2019)

This is a self-written track that was released as a preview single for their album Titulares indiscutibles. It’s the perfect piece that summarizes his discography, where he is accompanied by Mikel Izal.

Pachi García Alis was born in Baeza (Jaén) in 1975. He is a prolific composer that has developed a solo career with a dozen albums on his back. Although it was his facet as a producer that has given him the most success, having collaborated with some of the most outstanding artists on the Spanish independent music scene. In the field of soundtracks, he has been nominated a dozen times for the Goya awards, of which he has won two. He has also made various videos with prestigious actors.