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Music without labels XXXIV. Thin Lizzy, Yasmine Hamdan, All la Glory

Music without labels XXXIV

Black heavy by Thin Lizzy

Yasmine Hamdan´s arabian underground

Americana music by All la Glory

Heavy metal X: international Heavy

Heavy metal is an international language. Thus, we can find bands like Accept (Germany), Krokus (Switzerland), Rose Tattoo (Australia), Trust (France) and Bow Wow (Japan). In the Spanish case, Barón Rojo was successful in its British stops.

But the most important band was Scorpions, who came out of Hannover in 1971. Made up by the Schenker brothers Michael and Rudolph, they combined ballads for all audiences with a crushing rock.

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar (1972)

This is a cover by the whole band of a traditional Irish song. It was released as a single and it gave them the first push, followed by numerous comings and goings of musicians and bestseller LPs.

A large number of heavy metal bands came from Ireland, like the Dubliners Thin Lizzy. Their leader Phil Lynott sung energetic songs with a dark voice, heavy formalism and pop lightness. Among the musicians who went through the band we can find Gary Moore, another Irishman, from Belfast. He was a guitarist with an impressive technique that at the age of 16 he was already playing with the experimental Skid Row. After several albums of his own, he directed the project G Force and turned into a star. Before his death in 2011, he returned to his blues roots.

International: Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine Hamdan is a prolific actress and singer-songwriter from Lebanon. Currently she is based in Paris. She was a pioneer of electronic music in the Middle East and she is considered an underground icon in the Arab world.

In her compositions she mixes pop, folk, electronic music with melodies that are reminiscent of the traditional Middle East. Her lyrics are characterised for being written in numerous Arabic dialects. She has also made appearances in cult films.

Yasmine Hamdan – Hal (2014)

This is a live version of a self-written song. It appears in the film Only Lovers Left Alive by director Jim Jarmusch, starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston.

Yasmine Hamdan was born in 1976. She started in the industry with the trip hop due Soapkills, when she still lived in Beirut. With this formation she came out with several self-released albums between 1998 and 2005. After moving to Paris and collaborating with different formations and artists, like CocoRosie and Mirwais, Hamdan joined the prestigious producer Marc Collin (ex Nouvelle Vague) to write and produce her first solo album. It was launched in France in 2012 with the Title Ya Nass, it got good reviews and she started a renowned career as a performer and songwriter.

Nacional: All la Glory

All la Glory is a Sevillian pop and rock band, whose members came from prestigious bands such as Bombones, Maga and Señor Chinarro. Enamoured by the American sound, they are named after a song by The Band.

They practice a folk rock with an aged sound and with hints of power pop. The band is formed by Juano Azagra (guitar and voice), Israel Diezma (guitar), Fran Pedrosa (bass), Manolo Martínez (drums) and Pilar G. Angulo (keys and vocals).

All la Glory - Looking for a Thrill (2017)

This is a track that was composed by Juano Azagra and was released on their album Everybody’s Breaking Everybody’s Heart. It was performed live during the recording of one of their Happy Place Sessions.

All la Glory was born in 2011, when Juano Azagra started to compose songs. Together with Goyo Campos (ex Bombones) and Miguel Rivera (leader of Maga) he recorded a first album named after the band, with the collaboration of Álvaro Suite (a habitual in Bunbury) and Israel Diezma (Señor Chinarro). After coming up with the final formation, in 2016 appeared Everybody’s Breaking Everybody’s Heart, a second album with more powerful guitars and synthesizer arrangements. As soon as 2019 they released Disco Fantasma, this time with the lyrics in Spanish.