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MwL XXVIII. Deep Purple, Fischer Tropsch, Skinshape

Music without Labels XXVIII

The identity of heavy metal by Deep Purple

Rock and lo-fi by Fischer Tropsch

Skinshape´s reverie

Heavy metal IV: Deep Purple

Deep purple was the British band that established many of the hallmarks of heavy metal. Thanks to a good list of famous songs and to the musician’s great charisma they became a rock legend. 

They went from a melting pot of psychedelia, blues rock and progressive clichés in their first albums to a more powerful sound with clean commercial riffs that placed them on the front line of the international scene. 

Deep Purple – Smoke in the Water (1972)

This is a live version of a song that’s credited to the whole band and released on the album Made in Japan, a luxurious album that shows the coordination between the guitar, voice and keys in the second stage of their career.

Deep Purple was formed by keyboardist Jon Lord and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. In records like Shades of Deep Purple (1968) or The Book of Taliesyn (1968), melodic voices and the pipe organ stand out. As singer Ian Gillan and drummer Roger Clover joined the band, they bolstered the sound in the albums In Rock (1970), Fireball (1971), Machine Head (1972) and Made in Japan (1972). Afterwards, the struggle of the member’s egos produced years of irregular life for the band. 

National: Fischer Tropsch

Fischer Tropsch is a band from the independent division of Seville’s alternative scene. Their experimental approach drives them to compose a wide variety of songs that range from noisy rock to ambient lo-fi music. 

In their music they mix guitar riffs with fizz effects and atmospheric textures. These guitar sounds are combined with a rhythmic selection that choses simplicity and strength against technicalities. 

Fischer Tropsch – Seating (2019)

This is a track that’s composed by Alberto Villafañe and José María Vicaria. Released as a single, it merges the rhythm of the ‘70s punk with the metallic and cutting sounds of the mid ‘80s guitars.

The band Fischer Tropsch was formed in 2018 by Alberto Villafañe (voice and guitar) and José María Vicaria (buitar and bass). Shortly later drummer Paco Romero would join the band to help with the recordings and their live performances. Their name comes from a chemical process developed in 1925 by the Germans Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch, through which is possible to manufacture valuable fuels (gasoline, kerosene, etc.) using waste gases or different types of residues as raw material.

International: Skinshape

Skinshape is the stage name of William Dorey, a creative musician and multi-instrumentalist from London. With a solid background in the roots of popular music, he is a leading figure in today’s underground scene.

He has a very personal style which mixes dreamy and psychedelic atmospheres where the electric guitar is the main protagonist. His smooth and carefree voice and his evoking lyrics also play a key role in his success.

Skinshape - I Didn´t Know (2018)

This is a self-written song that was included in his album Filoxiny, influenced by the psychedelic music of the sixties and the sounds of the African American musicians of the seventies.

William Dorey was a bassist in the indie rock band Palace when in 2014 he started experimenting with tape recorders and samples to create instrumental trip hop. It was through this process that Skinshape was born. This project led him to record four albums: Skinshape (2014), Oracolo (2015), Life & Love (2017) and Filoxiny (2018). It was with the latter that he achieved recognition, mostly thanks to I Didn’t Know, a song that gained notoriety on the internet. Dorey also runs a reggae label called Horus Records.