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MwL XXIX. Black Sabbath, I am Dive, Joel Sarakula

Music without Labels XXIX

Satanic nihilism by Black Sabbath

I am Dive´s musical landscapes

Pop and soul by Joel Sarakula

National: I am Dive

I am Dive is a duo formed by José Antonio Pérez and Esteban Ruiz, veteran musicians of the more experimental scene. They have been recognised by prestigious musicians and they have performed in a dozen countries. 

Influenced by bands such as Boards of Canada and Sigur Rós, they create musical passages in which electronic music and sharp guitars join forces to talk about social issues and the time they live in.

I am Dive – The Fog (2019)

This track is credited to both members and was released as a single from their album Kriegszeit. It’s an example of their solid sound that some critics have called “musical pointillism”.

José Antonio Pérez, guitarist of the band Blacanova and Esteban Ruiz, ex Renochild and ex The Baltic Sea, formed I am Dive at the end of 2010. They signed almost immediately with the Barcelona label Foehn Records with whom they released their first works: several EPs and albums like Ghostwoods (2012), that received praise from critics. Subsequently, they continued evolving in what the band itself calls “a series of short records” with the albums Mauve (2018) and Kriegszeit (2019).

International: Joel Sarakula

Joel Sarakula is a Sydney born artist that’s based in London. Composer, producer and performer, his music is inspired in a rich musical and visual palette inspired by the sixties and seventies.

He offers exquisite pop sound artefacts with tints of soul, funk and jazz with just the right touch of psychedelia and optimism. His songs are reminiscent of both classics such as Elvis Costello and contemporary artists such as Toro y Moi.

Joel Sarakula - Northern Soul (2019)

This is a remastering of a self-written track that was released as a single in 2014. Evocative of retro soul and Motown styles, it pays tribute to the legendary British northern soul style. 

The Australian Joel Sarakula is a musician with an international outlook. Looking for inspiration he has travelled a good chunk of the world. After getting to know all types of music scenes, he decided to settle in that of the city of London. He has released half a dozen of albums including The Golden Age (2013), The Imposter (2015) and Love Club (2018), which have been praised by music critics. He has performed on important stages like that of Glastonbury, Primavera Sound and Hamburg’s Ree