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MwL XXI. Marc Bolan, Big Menu, Tiny Fighter

Music without Labels XXI

Marc Bolan, king of glam

Jazz and hip-hop by Big Menu

Tiny Fighter´s  nordic pop-rock

Glam rock VII: Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan is the true king of glam. He’s a prolific musician that mixed rock and roll maters with his peculiar fantasies, creating a distinct sound universe. He was an underground poet turned pop star.

He died at 30 years old, when he was just starting to take off again after a dark and personal period in his life. He left a great legacy and impact on later artists, from Bauhaus and Prince to Radio Futura and Alaska y Dinarama.

T. Rex – Get It On (1971)

This is a glam rock song composed by Marc Bolan for his album entitled Electric Warrior. Edited in a simple way, it became a great commercial success in the United Kingdom, and it contributed to the bolanmania explosion.

Mark Fled was born in London in 1947. After a few adventures, in 1967 he met drummer Steve Peregrine Took, with whom he formed a duo called Tyrannosaurus Rex. Despite having only put out two good albums, Took was substituted by Mickey Finn and the band name changed to T. Rex. A more electronic Bolan came out with the album T. Rex (1970). The band saw the addition of Steve Currie (bass) and Bill Legend (drums). With powerful performances that ended in a collective delirium, they lived their best phase with albums such as Electric Warrior (1971).

National: Big Menu

Big Menu is a versatile trio based in Barcelona. They produce experimental hip hop with tracks that start at the most classical end of this genre to end up with sounds that transmit movement and rhythm.

With great virtuosity combined to perfect jazzy guitars, soft base lines and mathematic drum rhythms, it obtained a unique and high-quality style which also feeds off of soul, funk or electronic music.

Big Menu - Coda (Live) (2017)

This is a live version of a song produced by the whole band and included in their album Coda: a Big Menu Live Performance. It shows their jazz hip hop without MC and with real instrumentation.

Big Menu formed in 2013, when three musicians with a solid musical background found each other: Enric Peinado (guitar, Barcelona), Pedro Campos (bass, Barcelona) and José Benítez (drums, Algeciras). Their discography is formed by The Real Big Menu (2014), which includes original beats and tributes to producers and other bands, Reunion and Cypher, both from 2015 and recorded in friends reunions in one take and one day, Winterreise (2016), where they recorded their voices, and the live Coda: a Big Menu Live Performance (2017).

International: Tiny Fighter

Tiny Fighter is a Swedish-Australian band based in Stockholm. With the help of the renown independent producer Thomas Plec Johansson, they won a solid reputation thanks to their powerful lives.

Their music, which mixes a phrenetic rock and Nordic orchestral pop, incorporates many different influences such as Sharon Van Etten and Cat Power’s indie folk, or the garage rock of bands such as Veruca Salt and The Muffs. 

Tiny Fighter - Tell Me (2019)

This track is composed by Tim Spelman and Therese Karlsson. It was produced as a sneak peak of their album, which bears the same name. On this track the voice of Therese, the leader of the band stands out.

In 2017, the Swedish Therese Karlsson was working as a truck driver when she met Tim Spelman, a doctor from Melbourne (Australia), in Stockholm. The mutual interest for music made them form Tiny Fighter, a duo which soon turned into a quintet with the incorporation of Tommy Wilen, Marcus Wallberg and Robin Zimmermann. Their discographic debut came with the single New Century, to which followed Hollow Talk, Want Friends, and the EP Loft Sessions (Live in New York), all of them came out in 2018. In 2019 they came out with a new EP called Tell Me.