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MwL XVI. David Bowie, The Delines, My Yellowstone

Music without Labels XVI

David Bowie the visionary

Arid country by The Delines

Rock with choruses by  My Yellowstone

Glam rock II: David Bowie

David Bowie was a visionary who anticipated trends and fashions. A star with great ingenuity who knew how to collect influences of all kinds and imprint his creative imprint on them to connect with the concerns of his time.

By strengthening the communion between music, theatricality and image, he inaugurated glam rock, his most identifying stage. In it, he looks for the difference as a proud sign of distinction, he shows himself tacky and follows the aesthetics of provocation.

David Bowie – Starman (1972)

This is one of his own songs released on the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, one of the cornerstones of rock and a parable about the idolatry of its stars. 

David Robert Jones was born in London in 1947. His chameleonic career is very extensive. After playing in rhythm and blues bands with mod veneer, he began to release his own records. From 1969 onwards, he lived his best creative moment, while playing with sexual ambiguity and relying on guitarist Mick Ronson. In 1974, he approaches soul and funk. Later on, he turns to electronic music. In 1980, he published his last masterpiece but then he put his concerns aside and became a big star for all audiences.

International: The Delines

The Delines is a band formed in Portland, Oregon that describes its music as retro country. It is led by acclaimed novelist Willy Vlautin, who plays the guitar, composes the music and writes the lyrics. 

Their songs speak realistically about characters from the interior of the United States and their daily struggles. They are interpreted by the veteran vocalist Amy Boone who transmits with great emotion the pain of the characters.

The Delines – Cool Your Jets (2015)

A song composed by Willy Vlautin that opened the band's second album, Scenic Sessions. The music is created to highlight the velvety voice of Amy Boone, which is evocative. 

The Delines were formed in 2012. Willy Vlauitn, who came from the Richmond Fontaine band, and Amy Boone, former singer of the Texans The Damnations, were accompanied by experienced musicians from renowned bands such as The Minus 5, Dandy Warhols or The Decemberists. Their first album, Colfax (2014), and their subsequent presentation tour won them the favor of critics and public alike. This was followed by Scenic Sessions (2015) and The Imperial (2019), in which they have maintained a high artistic level.

National: My Yellowstone

Under the name of My Yellowstone we find FJCurra and Dani Kussa; two composers from Seville, with extensive and recognized careers behind them, who have participated in bands like Marvin Green or Sushi and Wasabi.

In their extensive discography, My Yellowstone present us with a long list of songs where they mix strength and rock attitude, with sound elegance and huge choruses of pop ancestry. All of this is supported by a compact live album.

My Yellowstone – Unique (2018)

A song composed by FJCurra and Dani Kussa that gives its name to their fourth album. It is a live version recorded at Happy Place studios, accompanied by the vocal group LeClé.

Together with FJCurra (guitars and chorus) and Dani Kussa (vocals and harmonica), My Yellowstone is composed by Rafa Pleguezuelos (keyboards), Paco Jácome (bass) and Álvaro García (drums). They debuted with the album Here & Now (2013), influenced by American folk rock from the 1960s and 1970s. In 2013 they surprised with Two, which went into a more introspective, atmospheric and elegant sound, but at the same time hypnotic and dark. Their career was consolidated with the albums A New Accident (2016) and Unique (2018).