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MwL XV. Gary Glitter, Vera y las Bóvedas, Ted Leo

Music without Labels XV

Glam rock by Gary Glitter

Vera y las Bóvedas´ good vibrations

Rhythm and emotion with Ted Leo

Glam rock I: Introduction

Glam rock, or glitter rock, appeared in the early 1970s. It includes artists, mostly British, who with fantasy and provocation connect with a young audience that does not understand the prevailing progressive rock.

It ranges from David Bowie's conceptualism to Slade's vulgarity. Its aesthetics and themes are also used by stars, such as The Rolling Stones or Lou Reed, and by the cinema (The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll Part 1 (1972)

Song composed by Paul Francis Gadd, Glitter's real name, together with Mike Leander. Edited as a single, it inaugurated the new music for dancing, after the parenthesis of hypism.

Early during its beginnings, rock and roll lived homosexuality from the inside. Only Ian Whitcomb dared to violate the taboo. It was with You Turn Me On (1965), a hymn in the gay underground. At first, glam rock only served as a starting point for great careers, like those of Elton John, Marc Bolan or Rod Stewart. Dandies such as Bryan Ferry and geeks such as Alice Cooper also appeared. It wasn't until 1977 that Tom Robinson, the first singer aligned with the Gay Liberation Front, appeared.

National-Hispanic: Vera y las Bóvedas

Vera y las Bóvedas is a band from San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina). They have created a very personal style that, by experimenting with pop, folk and melancholic guitars murmurs, transmit peace and good vibrations.

They debuted in March 2018 with a six-track, self-produced album entitled Vera y las Bóvedas, which surprised with its originality and managed to open the doors of the main festivals in their country.

Vera y las Bóvedas - Galleries (2018)

A song composed by José Villafañe and Paulo Vera that is part of their first album, Vera y las Bóvedas. The good work in the arrangements and the crystalline chorus of Sofía Nagle stand out.

Vera y las Bóvedas is co-directed by Paulo Vera and José Villafañe, who are in charge of the composition, production and recording of the songs. They are accompanied by Marcelo Piñero on drums, Mariano Sansierra on keyboard, Agustín González on guitar and chorus, and Cristóbal Cadierno on bass. In December 2018, they repeated the feat with the release of their album II. This album takes a further step in artistic experimentation and confirms the band's personality and high creative level.

International: Ted Leo

Ted Leo is a veteran American singer and songwriter. In addition to being the leader and lead guitarist of the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, he is a member of the indie rock duo The Both, along with renowned singer-songwriter Aimee Mann.

Musically, Leo fuses punk and retro-pop elements with blues-rock formulas from the sixties. With lyrics full of feeling and that speak about the world around him, he creates melodies that transmit great emotion.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Parallel or Together (2001)

Own song that was released on the band's second album, The Tyranny of Distance. With a powerful rhythm and the expressiveness of his voice he manages to capture the listener.

Theodore Francis Leo was born in South Bend, Indiana, in 1970, but grew up in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The proximity to New York City made it easy for him to soon become part of its rich music scene. After playing in several punk bands, he founded Ted Leo and the Pharmacists in Washington, DC, with whom he recorded six studio albums between 1989 and 2010. At the same time, he has maintained a career as a solo artist, for which he is considered one of the best composers of his generation.