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MwL XIV. Tony Joe White, Brim Liski, SFDK

Music without labels XIV

Swamp rock by Tony Joe White

The cosmic electronica of Brim Liski

SFDK´s andalucian hip-hop

Southern Rock VI: What is swamp rock?

Southern states have the main supply of US legends. Mythology based on Louisiana's sinister swamps (or bayou). Inhospitable lands clinging to primitive traditions.

In the late 60s, the producer Jerry Wexler invented the label "swamp rock" to group together recordings which insinuated this mythical universe. Some artists which stand out are Tony Joe White, Joe South or psychedelic voodoo, Dr. John Creaux.

Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie (1969)

Song of his own authorship which serves to illustrate swamp rock, a style lean in instrumentation and heavy in rhythm, saturated in gospel, blues, soul, and music from Louisiana.

Some writers of swamp rock created tales about ships, mysterious superstitions, and nightmares, as was the case of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. Other autochthonous artists, such as Tony Joe White, were more realistic and talked about a society trapped in its own misery and its ghosts. Swamp rock never sold much. Apart from some exceptions, styles such as cajun or zydeco are unknown. Some echoes of swamp rock appear in albums of the charismatic Nick Cave, Freddy Fender's country or The Neville Brothers' funk.

International: Brim Liski

Brim Liski is a duo from Denver (Colorado) formed by the multi-talented digital artist Justin Gitlin (known as Cacheflowe) and Ryan Policky, vocalist and producer of the known shoegaze band, A Shoreline Dream.

Their music is inspired by the cosmos' vastness and mixes electronic music, Gothic rock, futuristic pop, and diverse sounds. This way both artists achieve a distinctive style in the electronic music world.

Brim Liski - A Different View (2019)

Song written by Ryan Policky and Justin Gitlin. It was released as part of Duels, the band's last project where they recreate the cosmic sound they imagine Saturn's hexagon must have.

Brim Liski's work is not restricted to music. In fact, it is an experimental art project which uses music as a resource, but which includes video recording and other digital disciplines. The duo debuted in 2009 with a self-titled EP, followed by the album The Repetitions (2012). Seven years later, in March of 2019, they released Duels, an EP with four songs. Their videos are like a hazy dream, torn by technology. Their spectacular live performances mix dynamic installations and vivid colors.

National: SFDK

SFDK is a Sevillian hip hop duo formed by Zatu (real name Saturnino Rey, MC) and Acción Sánchez (real name Óscar Sánchez, DJ). In 2019 they are celebrating the 25th anniversary since their formation with concerts for their album Redención (2018).

In this tour, in which they have sold out tickets in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, they wanted to have special concerts at home with a group of special guests, such as Kase.O, Hazhe or El Chojin.

SFDK – Lucifer (2018)

Song with music by Óscar Sánchez and lyrics by Saturnino Rey. It was released as part of Redención, their eighth studio album, which they describe as their most intimate and personal project.

The band SFDK (Siempre Fuertes de Konciencia) was formed in the early 90s by a group of high school classmates. In 1996, the group was left as the current duo formed by Zatu and Acción Sánchez. Thanks to a demo of which they sold 800 copies, they had their first concerts outside of Andalusia and they were able to release their first single, Llámalo como lo quieras (1997), in a professional format. This song opened doors for them and they were able to sign with the Madrid record label Zona Bruta, under which they released their first albums and their career took off.