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MwL XIII. Wet Willie, Evi Vine, Pony Bravo

Music without Labels XIII

White blues by Wet Willie

Powerfull atmospheres by Evi Vine

Pony Bravo´s critical eclecticism

Southern Rock V: More Southern musicians?

Artists like Atlanta Rhythm Section also stood out. Based on blues and boogie music, they opted for more cosmopolitan music. As for Amazing Rhythm Aces, they practiced a more country and less rock style.

But the most refreshing Southern band was The Marshall Tucker Band, who added elegance to the typical boogie sound of Southern Rock. With a mix of country, rock, and jazz, they created beautiful melodic structures and instrumental arrangements.

Wet Willie - She Caught the Katy (1973)

Version recorded live of a song written by James "Yank" Rachell and Taj Mahal. This band from Alabama stood out because of their elegant half note recreations of blues, soul and gospel music.

The Southern rock scene was very varied. We can find soloists such as Don Nix, Californian groups such as Doobie Brothers and outsider singers who recorded in Alabama, as was the case of Bob Seger. There were also families dedicated to music, such as the Van Zant brothers. Ronnie Van Zant was a vocalist for the emblematic Lynyrd Skynyrd, Donnie was part of the discreet 38 Special and Johnny started The Johnny Van Zant Band, which practiced hard rock of varying degrees but questionable imagination.

International: Evi Vine

Evi Vine is the stage name of the London singer and guitar player Tatia Starkey, granddaughter of the ex-Beatle Ringo Starr. Her band is formed by the keyboardist Steven Hill, the bass player Matt Tye, the drummer David GB Smith and the cello player Ben Roberts.

Based on the atmosphere that her delicate voice creates and a precise orchestration, their sound explores the fundamentally dark nature of the human heart and invokes a deeply intimate experience.

Evi Vine – Sabbath (2019)

Song credited to the whole band and released as a teaser single of their album Black//Light//White//Dark. In it they collaborated with Simon Gallup, The Cure's bass player.

Evi Vine's first album, And So The Morning Comes (2011, self-released), received the best praise from critics specialized in the underground scene. Inspired by artists such as Leonard Cohen, The Cocteau Twins or Nine Inch Nails, it showed a minimalist but powerful narrative style, raw and emotional at the same time. Their discography is completed by the albums Give Your Heart To The Hawks (2015) and Black//Light//White//Dark (2019). At the same time, Evi Vine has collaborated with artists such as the photographer Patrick Fraser or the visual effects specialist Nick Brooks (The Matrix).

National: Pony Bravo

Pony Bravo is a band formed in Seville in 2006. Apart from their albums, they are known for their work in support of free culture in Andalusia. In fact, all their music can be streamed and downloaded for free.

They are an eclectic band whose music goes through all kinds of genres and delves into new sounds. They write sharp lyrics in which humor glimpses into critical thinking, and which are surrounded by an entire creative work.

Pony Bravo – Totomami (2019)

Song written by Darío del Moral and Pablo Peña. Included in their fourth album, Gurú, it is directed at dance floors. It is accompanied by a music video by Daniel Alonso.

Pony Bravo was formed by Daniel Alonso, dance music composer and graphic artist. He is accompanied by Pablo Peña, Darío del Moral and Javier Rivera, ex-members of the band Renochild.

In 2007 they created El Rancho Casa de Discos, with its headquarters in Seville. Created to manage their activities, they released their first album (Si Bajo de Espalda no Me da Miedo) under it that same year. Their discography is completed by Un gramo de fe (2010), De palmas y cacería (2013) and Gurú (2019). In 2010 they released the album Déjese llevar by Fiera, their parallel band.