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MwL XII. Little Feat, Carmen Boza, K Michelle DuBois

Music without Labels XII

Rock with soul by Little Feat

Carmen Boza´s speaking guitars

Experimental power pop by K Michelle DuBois

Southern Rock IV: Other prominent names?

A lot of bands emerged from Southern rock, such as Black Oak Arkansas and its extroverted vocalist Jim "Dandy" Mangrum. Bands such as Molly Hatchet had more heavy leanings, while The Outlaws made a more commercial country rock.

There were also veterans such as Elvin Bishop, who started in The Paul Butterfield Blues Band in Chicago. In 1968 he started a solo career in San Francisco with danceable music and blues finishing touches.

Little Feat - Easy to Slip (1972)

Song written by Lowell George and Fred Martin. It opened Sailin' Shoes, the second album of this Californian band who, connected to Southern sounds, was acclaimed by critics.

Little Feat was formed in 1969 by the singer-songwriter and guitar player Lowell George and the keyboardist Bill Payne. George had been a member of The Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa's prestigious band. Until 1979, they released exquisite LPs of rock music with a tint of soul and a lot of muscle. Another figure of Southern rock was the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leon Russell. Master of all music genres and great expert of rock as an art and business, he recruited the Mad Dogs and Englishmen who recorded with Joe Cocker.

National: Carmen Boza

Carmen Boza is a well-known singer-songwriter from Cádiz. Her music feeds off her strong bond with her guitar, which she has played since she was 15. She is one of the most interesting Spanish female proposals with the most impact in the last few years

The result of her continuous search for a distinguishing sound showed in La Caja Negra, her last project. An album full of phrasings, catchy melodies and introspective lyrics which talk about life's complexities.

Carmen Boza – Esparto (2018)

Song of her own authorship which was part of her second album, La Caja Negra. In early 2019, it was illustrated with an original music video directed by the Andalusian producer Ana Andújar.

Carmen Boza Tomillero was born in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) in 1987. She started her music career uploading videos to social media, where her song Cartas desde el círculo polar (2009) had a big impact. From that point onwards, her music started to play in small establishments in Madrid and her first albums were released. After a few EPs and singles, in 2015 she released La Mansión de los Espejos, her first album. It was funded by a crowdfunding campaign, which made her music career take off.

International: K Michelle DuBois

K Michelle DuBois is an independent artist from Atlanta (Georgia). She has multiple albums behind her in which she moves within power pop, with influences by bands such as Roxy Music, Flaming Lips or Grandaddy.

In late 2018 she released her third solo LP, Harness. Though she makes use of usual and very catchy structures, the rhythms, the sounds of the guitars and her voice have been focused on towards a more experimental style.

K Michelle DuBois - Love and Only Love (2019)

Version of a song written by Neil Young and part of her third album, Harness. It comes accompanied by a music video directed by Laurie Garner and recorded in Sedona (Arizona).

K Michelle DuBois started pursuing music in her adolescence. Her first band was Ultrababyfat, where she showed skills of guitar composition and was able to release the album Silver Tones Smile (1998). Their contagious pop punk sound stood out at a national level and they were able to perform next to the well-known Pavement and PJ Harvey. After the band's breakup in 2005, she had a very productive career. She released two solo albums and was part of the dream-gaze band Parsons Rocket Project.