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MwL XI. ZZ Top, Almost Gone, Prada Meinhoff

Music without Labels XI

ZZ Top´s metal boogie

Impromptu jazz by Almost Gone

German electro punk by Prada Meinhoff

Southern Rock III: Who are ZZ Top?

ZZ Top are the kings of boogie metal. They craft an extravagant image of cowboys with Orthodox priests’ beards. Despite their enormous fame and their public's loyalty, they prefer family seclusion in Texas.

They are the only survivors of Southern rock's splendor. They have changed their sound until turning into an eccentric pop attraction. Their concerts are surrounded by all kinds of fair attractions.

ZZ Top – La Grange (1973)

Song credited to the three members of the band, it was released as a single for their LP Tres Hombres. It shows their persistent boogie style which gains strength in their live performances.

Billy Gibbons is the guitar player, songwriter, and leader of ZZ Top. An eccentric and contradictory person, he has a rough pose of brutish rocker and, at the same time, he is an expert in contemporary art. Born in Houston, he is the son of an orchestra conductor. Attracted to the hippie movement, he dropped out of school to pursue music. He was discovered by Jimi Hendrix and has a special skill to extract sounds. He is accompanied by the bass player Dusty Hill and the drummer Frank Beard. With albums which adapt to the current time, they have achieved great sales.

National: Almost Gone

Of Andalusian roots, Almost Gone is a project formed by two restless musicians, both moved by a solid passion for improvised music that transcends what is standard to be expressed honestly and freely.

Their influences come from completely diverse and odd styles which converge in the same concept, looking to create a form of art which is closer to a conversation between two musicians than to a specific label.

Almost Gone – Something New (2014)

An improvised song which shows their work, a spontaneous metaphor of life without ties nor stereotypes. It was recorded during their concert at the Soberao Jazz festival in Dos Hermanas (Seville).          

Almost Gone is a duo and one of its members is the drummer Guillermo “Almo” Martín Viana, who has been part of diverse music projects which go from the most classic jazz to the most extreme metal. The result is a way of playing which is lively and energetic and, at the same time, subtle and fresh. He is accompanied by Gon Navarro, a songwriter and guitar player from Huelva who has extensive experience behind him, cultivated in international stages and of which result is a creative, pure and honest language.

International: Prada Meinhoff

Prada Meinhoff is an electro punk rock duo who sings in German. Based in Berlin, it is formed by René Riewer and Chrissi Nichols, who write and perform destructive songs which intend to provoke a reaction in the listener. 

They put on an impressive live performance, in which Chrissi sings, mixing scenography and intuition, and René fills up space with rhythms from his electric bass guitar. They transmit great emotion which ends in euphoria.

Prada Meinhoff – Maske (2017)

Song written by Christin Nichols and René Riewer. It was their introduction single and it shows a style which reclaims the role of music as a source of imagination and ecstasy.

Christin Nichols is a British-German actress and singer. She was raised in Spain but was educated in the North of Germany. While growing her professional career in the performing arts in Berlin, she met René Riewer and formed the band Prada Meinhoff with him. After playing with acclaimed artists, such as the Canadian singer Peaches or the band DAF, they released multiple singles which earned them recognition and opened the door for their first album which, released in 2018, was named after the band.