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MwL VII. Albert Lee, Marcin Masecki, Astropalido

Music without Labels VII

British country-rock by Albert Lee

Marcin Masecki´s sound tracks

Exciting pop-rock by Astropalido

Country Rock VII: What about the United Kingdom?

Although many great folk rock and blues rock bands were born in the United Kingdom, their assimilation to country sounds was not as productive. However, the careers of Ian Matthews or the band Heads Hands & Feet stand out.

Out of this band emerged the leading figure of British country rock: the guitar player and singer Albert Lee. Collaborator of big US stars, he created a great collection of delightful albums.

Albert Lee - Country Boy (1979)

Version of a song written in 1971 by Lee himself together with his bandmates Raymond Barry Smith and Tony Colton. It was re-recorded for Hiding, his first solo album.

Albert William Lee was born on Lingen (England) in 1943. After being part of boy bands of different genres, he leaned towards country rock, thus becoming the leader of the band Heads Hands & Feet. With them he achieved great popularity in his country and part of Europe, even debuting in Nashville (United States) later. It was there where his solo career peaked, having the opportunity to work with stars such as Eric Clapton, Bo Diddley, Jon Lord, Steve Morse or Joe Cocker, among others.

International: Who is Marcin Masecki?

Marcin Masecki is a classic and jazz music virtuous pianist. Apart from works for symphony orchestras and chamber performers, he has composed soundtracks for movies such as Cold War, directed by the Polish filmmaker Paweł Pawlikowski in 2018.

What also stands out are his creations for free improvisation and the Modern Creative movement (a subgenre which mixes old jazz genres such as bebop, with more contemporary music styles such as funk, pop, and rock).

Młynarski-Masecki Jazz Camerata Varsoviensis - Zwiazane Mam Rece (2018)

Version of the song Gebundene hände composed by Ralph Benatzky and Hans Weigel for the musical Axel an der himmelstür, which premiered in Berlin in 1936. It appears in the movie Cold War.

This song was part of the album Fogg - pieśniarz warszawy, released on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi occupation. The album was conceived by Marcin Masecki and the music producer Jan Emil Młynarski as an homage to the singer Mieczysław Fogg, a symbol of popular Polish song. This adaptation is sung by Joanna Kulig, singer, and theatre, film and television actress who received the Best Actress award in the 2018 European Film Awards for her acting in the movie Cold War.    

National: Astropálido

Astropálido is a pop rock band from the Sevillian independent music scene. They have a great skill for composing songs which mix rock music of English-speaking influence and suggestive lyrics in Spanish.

After a first introductive single, Era Glacial (2017), they released their first album on May 2018, Mentiras para Contar la Verdad, which received praise from critics and audiences. They have performed in important festivals such as Picnic Interestelar.

Astropálido – Explosión (2018)

Song credited to the whole band, it was part of their first album. The chorus stands out, where they show their skill for writing verses which move the listener.

Astropálido is a project formed by Rafa Pachón (voice and guitar) and Alejandro Vigil (guitar and backing vocals), who had been bandmates in Genérica, another good Andalusian band. In winter of 2016, they both went into the studio to record new songs, where they met the drummer Alberto Moreno and the bass player Daniel Escortell.  From the very first moment, the connection between the four musicians was absolute, leading to a multitude of good songs and the formation of this new band.