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MWL VI. America, Quentin Gas and los Zíngaros and The Whitest Boy Alive

Music without Labels VI

Country-pop by America

Psychedelic flamenco by Quentin Gas and los Zíngaros

Funky-pop by The Whitest Boy Alive

Country Rock VI: Did it get close to pop music?

In the middle of a commercial frenzy of country rhythms, some pop bands which made use of folk and country sounds became known. America, Bread, Brewer & Shipley or Seals & Crofts were part of what was known as soft rock.

Additionally, in Nashville, singers who had been puristic got closer to a more commercial crossover. Some artists who took part in this movement were Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker or Kenny Rogers, the king of country pop.

America - Miniature/Tin Man (1974)

These two songs were written by Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, respectively. It opened their fourth album, Holiday, recorded in London under the direction of George Martin (also known as the "Fifth Beatle").

America is a band formed in London in 1970 by the sons of US Air Force personnel stationed there. The original members were Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. The band had great popularity from their beginnings until the early 80s. Admittedly influenced by The Beatles and George Martin, they recorded songs such as A Horse With No Name or Tin Nan where they showed elegant acoustic pop music with well-crafted vocal harmonies.

National: Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros is a personal project which proposes a trip through the South and its grandeur. Quentin, of flamenco roots but with a folk rock soul, goes from the purest flamenco to frontier garage sounds.

Their albums, Big Sur (2016), Caravana (2017) and Sinfonía Universal Cap. 02 (2018), have been backed by the critics, who have defined them "as if Camarón de la Isla had recorded an album with Tame Impala, between Seville and London".

Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros - IO (2018)

Song of their own authorship from their album Sinfonía Universal Cap. 02. It is a psychedelic and conceptual science fiction project which narrates the Earth's exodus to survive in other planets.

Quentin Gas (Quintín Vargas' pseudonym) is always accompanied by Jorge Mesa in the drums and occasionally by his family of Romani artists: his mother, Concha Vargas, dancing, and his siblings Curro and Carmen, guitar and singing, respectively. In their unique live performances, we can listen to rock music ending in seguiriya, a bulería in English or a romance of Lebrija. With this, he makes obvious his desire for an eternal experimental search towards new sounds without losing sight of flamenco psychedelia.

International: The Whitest Boy Alive

The band The Whitest Boy Alive was based in Berlin and was formed by Erlend Øye (guitar player and singer), Marcin Öz (bass player), Sebastian Maschat (drummer) and Daniel Nentwig (pianist and synthesizer).

They started in 2003 with electronic music but they have been abandoning programmed elements, which emphasized a masterful live performance with no artifacts. They released two splendid albums: Dreams (2006) and Rules (2009).

The Whitest Boy Alive – Dead End (2009)

Song credited to the whole band and part of their second album, Rules. They appeal to the responsibility of those who make rules, so they can be aware of their effects.

Although they lived in Berlin, some of the members of The Whitest Boy Alive were Norwegian. The band's name was dedicated to a shy and naïve boy from the North of Europe, a fictional character of whom they talked in their songs. In 2006 they signed with the German record label Bubbles, where they released their first album and got very successful, especially in the United Kingdom. During their tour in South America in early 2007, they built a studio in Punta Burros, Nayarit (Mexico) where they recorded their second LP.