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Music without Labels V. Willie Nelson, Yur Mum, Pinocho Detective

Music without Labels V

Country-rock and outlaws by Willie Nelson

Dirty rock by Yur Mum

Pop d'auteur by Pinocho Detective.

Country Rock V: How does it spread?

With the turn of the decade, country rock music spread all over the country, especially in the South. A great variety of artists and bands emerge, such as Joe Ely (Texas), Ozark Mountain Daredevils (Missouri) or Pure Prairie League (Ohio).

The outlaw movement also emerges and (opposing Nashville's leading style of moving closer to pop music) it defends honky-tonk's rude style masters. Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter stand out.

Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (1973)

Song of his own authorship which opened his album of the same name. It is one of the first examples of the outlaw sound, of which Nelson was one of the biggest spokespersons.

Willie Hugh Nelson was born in Abbott (Texas) in 1933. Raised by his grandparents, he dropped out of school to pursue a music career and balanced it with working in radio stations. Critics' acclaim of his albums Shotgun Willie (1973), Red Headed Stranger (1975) and Stardust (1979) turned him into one of the main figures of outlaw country. Apart from having a long music career, Nelson has acted in more than thirty full-length films, co-written multiple books and been active in the environmentalist movement.

International: Yur Mum

Yur Mum is a dirty rock band formed in London in 2016. Their songs mix elements from classic, alternative and grunge rock, and their fervent performances are of the purest punk style.

Led by a woman, their music captures their different cultural perspectives (Brazilian, Austrian and Hungarian) in their lyrics and sound. Their compositions talk about social, mental and physical limits, humanity and the lack of it.

Yur Mum – Doors (2018)

Song recorded live and credited to the whole band. It is part of Road Rage, an album where they process their feelings through energetic rock music with an unapologetic punk attitude.

Yur Mum is formed by the actress and model Anelise Kunz (voice and bass guitar), Akos Gado (guitar) and Fabio Couto (drums). Among the musical influences of this British band, we find names as important in the rock scene as The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Smashing Pumpkins or Green Day. After releasing an EP (recorded live), they signed to the label Flicknife Records, where they released their first album, Road Rage. They have left a mark in more than a hundred stages internationally.

National: Pinocho Detective

Pinocho Detective is the name of the band led by Fran Pedrosa, a creative Sevillian musician who has been in bands such as Los Quiero, Mixolovers, Monoplaza or All La Glory (in which he is currently a drummer).

Having admitted to being influenced by the Irish band The Divine Comedy and the Californian band Pavement, he has created a high-quality original pop sound, cut off from commercial circles, which he has shown in three albums released until this point.

Pinocho Detective - Sólo Sé Que No Sé Nadar (2016)

Song of his own authorship, it is part of his album La Vida Privada de Pinocho Detective. The EPs Esto No Es Música Para Un Sábado (2010) and Memorias de un Pez (2013) complete his discography.

Fran Pedrosa is a long-distance runner who has chosen quality and consistency as opposed to fame and commercial success. He is related to Rodrigo García Blanca, a singer who was part of the legendary quartet Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán (among other bands). This French and music teacher's composition formula is easy: beautiful chord changes, careful vocal harmonies, introspective lyrics, and crafted melodies. In Pinocho Detective he is accompanied by Daniel Barja and Israel Diezma (guitars), and Antonio Ortiz (drums).