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MwL IX. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lõbison, Kings of Convenience

Music without Labels IX

Rock and southern pride by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hispanic underground by Lõbison  

Kings of Convenience´s elegant pop

Southern Rock I: Introduction

In the 70s, in the fertile South of the United States (until then alienated by the rock industry) emerges a musical rebirth with groups that combine music from that zone with rock music.

They support a renovation of tradition by means of a balance between their devotion for their roots and the new vital concepts born from the hippie culture. Other movements like swamp rock also emerge.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (1974)

Song written by Ronnie van Zant, Ed King, and Gary Rossington. Released as a single, it shows the masterful skill they had to create boogie rock music that the public would like.

In the early 70s, young Southern people who had lived through California's tolerant years come back home. There they clash with the puritanical and repressive environment, and they experiment with new lifestyles, though on the outside they show pride for their origins. Southern rock is a combination of gospel music's strength, blues guitars, country's sentimentality and soul's vitality. Making use of an intense structure, based on double drums, triple guitars, and signs' esthetics, they create a festive and contagious sound.

National: Lõbison

Lõbison is a Sevillian rock band that defines their style as "Latin American underground". It is led by Juamba d´Estrozo who, apart from a melomaniac, is a creative guitar player and singer-songwriter. 

Their sound is crude, dirty and sometimes in the key of beat-up progressive rock, with a fondness for lo-fi sound, noise blues, post-punk and chanson music. They take that which allows them to communicate what they need each time.

Lõbison - Ángel Apátrida (2018)

Song written by Juamba d´Estroso. It was part of their album La Industria de los Sentidos, which was recorded live in a garage and transmits the rawness and impression of their concerts.

Together with Juamba d´Estrozo, Lõbison is formed by the bass player Santi García and the drummer Jaime Neria. They came from Falso Cabaret's dissolution, another outstanding band which released in 2011 the album Para Muchas Amigas Mías. With their next projects, Perro Amor (2013) and Solo (2016), they received excellent reviews and an emerging crowd of fans. In 2018 they released the album La Industria de los Sentidos, which included beautiful and bleeding lyrics which talk about rage, pleasure, drugs, friendship and the will to live.

International: Kings of Convenience

Kings of Convenience is a pop and folk duo from Bergen, Norway. It is formed by Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, childhood friends and fans of bands such as Belle and Sebastian or Simon & Garfunkel.

They write songs with deep lyrics and beautiful vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and, occasionally, pianos and string arrangements. Touches of bossa nova music can also be distinguished in their guitars' sound.

Kings of Convenience - Misread (2004)

Song credited to both band members. It was a single for their second album, Riot on an Empty Street. The model Ina Grung appeared on its cover.

Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe recorded their first album, Tom Tids Tale, in 1996 with the band Skog. As the duo Kings of Convenience, they released in 2000 their self-titled first album under the US record label Kindercore. In 2001 they settled in London, where they recorded Quiet Is the New Loud, an album which gave them recognition. Back in Bergen, they released their second album, Riot on an Empty Street (2004), where they collaborated with the Canadian singer-songwriter Feist. Their third album, Declaration of Dependence, was released in 2009.