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MwL VIII.The Jayhawks, Indigo Drone, Robert Glasper

Music without Lables VIII

Alternative country-rock by The Jayhawks

The infinite sound of Indigo Drone

Cutting edge jazz by Robert Glasper

Country Rock VIII: What's going on currently?

The phenomenon is currently repeating. Country music is being reintroduced in pop and rock music. The best musicians are those who collect traditional lessons to evolve. Some of them have been associated with the alternative country movement.

Next to artists such as Randy Travis or Steve Earle, dedicated to the purest country, we can find bands with more rock leanings such as Long Ryders from the 80s, The Beat Farmers from the 90s, or The Delines currently.

The Jayhawks - Miss Williams' Guitar (1995)

Song written by Mark Olson and Gary Louris and released as part of their album Tomorrow the Green Grass. It is one of the most representative albums of the alternative country movement.

The term "alternative country" started being used in the 90s to refer to a varied group of musicians and singers who were separate from the established country music industry. As a contrast to the growing pop orientation of the industry dominated by Nashville, they developed a lo-fi sound, often infused with a strong punk and rock and roll esthetic. Their lyrics are usually dark and socially conscious, but also sincerer and less prone to use clichés.

National: Indigo Drone

Indigo Drone is a band formed in Madrid in 2017 by two experienced musicians from the United Kingdom. Their name mixes "indigo", the color of a natural plant, with the meaning in English of "drone" as "infinite sound".

Using the ukulele as the unifying thread in their songs and setting off from sounds such as new wave and noise pop, they write songs with lyrics committed to society and they achieve a sound with an experimental and noticeable essence.

Indigo Drone – Chasing the Rabbit (2018)

Song written by Richard Stuart-Campbell and that they have released as a single. With noticeable guitars and off beat drums, they move closer to a disco sound with a pop rock essence.

Indigo Drone is formed by Richard Stuart-Campbell (guitars and voice), Stuart Ridley (guitars and voice), Paco Ramírez (drums) and Javier Rojas (bass guitar). In 2018 they released two EPs, The Salt March and 43 Reasons, for which they received praise from critics and audiences and that they have performed in Madrid's main music halls. Late that same year, they released the single Chasing the Rabbit, a song a lot more danceable and catchier which serves as a teaser for their next project.

International: Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper is a US pianist and music producer. In his impressive discography, we find the most exquisite avant-garde jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, hip hop and a mix of these genres.

Taking elements developed by some of these genres’ best masters, he has created new ones from a fresh and current point of view. Always maintaining the authenticity and most intellectual part of black music.

Robert Glasper Experiment – Let It Ride (2013)

Song written by Glasper himself, together with Muhsinah Abdul-Karim, it features Norah Jones. It was part of Black Radio 2, album which won the R&B Grammy.

Robert Glasper was born in Houston (Texas) in 1978. Song of a jazz singer and gifted with a special sensitivity, he learned all the secrets of black music from a very young age. Educated in New York, he debuted with a jazz trio with the album Mood (2004). He later signed with the prestigious record label Blue Note, where he released most of his albums. In 2015 he arranged the soundtrack for Miles Ahead, a movie dedicated to Miles Davis, and in 2016 he released Everything's Beautiful, an album where he combined his compositions with those of the master Davis.