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MWL XXXXIX. Tangerine Dream, The Varriors, Lee Fields

Music without Labels XXXXIX

Krautrock by Tangerine Dream

Rap and feeling by The Varriors

Lee Fields´ soul funk.

European rock III: Krautrock

The FRG organised a rock movement with an exportable label. Identifying the art-science concept, kratrock combined electronics, improvisation, anarchist ideology, cosmic travel and commercial break.

This was the idea of the journalist Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser who relied on the producer Peter Meisel to create the record label Ohr. The new German music emerged there and, through British record companies, surprised Europe.

Tangerine Dream - Birth Of Liquid Plejades (1972)

Song composed by Edgar Froese and published in his album Zeit. Together with Chris Franke and Peter Baumann he creates space music in which they fuse classical music with electronic keyboards.

He has also worked with top level artists such as Ash Ra Tempei, Popol Vuh and Klaus Schultze. The psychedelic note was set by the Bavarian Amon Düül and his political art commune of Munich. In the north, the cold Düsseldorf sound and its rhythmic hypnosis was provided by the robotic Neu! and the fireproof Kraftwerk. And in addition to Can, the top German rock band, there are also avant-garde bands such as Limbus 4, Guru Guru or the chaotic Faust.

The Varriors

The Varriors is a Sevillian hip-hop band from the neighbourhood called Santa Justa. It is currently formed by Toni Ronín, Pep, Akno and One Cortés. Since they started creating their first songs in mid-2014, they have not stopped evolving.

With influences such as jazz and blues, they define their music as "something rich in feelings and that does not leave the listener indifferent". Their songs are varied although quite focused on Seville and its reality.

The Varriors - Stay at Home (2020)

Four-track EP with lyrics and music by Toni Ronin. Includes beats by the Korean Jimmy on Mars and the Vitorian Nigma. It was recorded during the confinement caused by Covid-19.

At the beginning, the band had seven members, who contributed with music, visuals and production works. Among them were Toni, One and Pep, who together with Akno gave the project its final shape.From the beginning they composed their own songs and thanks to word of mouth they got their first followers.  Later, social networks and digital music and video platforms were responsible for spreading a spectacular musical production. 

Lee Fields

Lee Fields is an American soul singer, nicknamed 'Little JB' for his physical and vocal resemblance to the legendary James Brown. Active since 1969, he has worked with bands such as Kool and The Gang and The Hip Huggers.

Fields has also worked with legends such as the bluesmen B.B. King, Dr. John and Little Milton, or soulmen like Clarence Carter. His songs have been covered by artists of all times and included in many films. 

Lee Fields - I'm a Millionaire (2020)

Reissue of the song composed by Bosco Mann and Clive Wilson which was released on their album Let's get a groove on (1998). It shows a fresh soul funk with the impressive voice of Fields.

Elmer Lee Fields was born in Wilson, North Carolina, in 1951. At the age of 17 he left for New York with $20 in his pocket. With his first single he started a list of good songs from the soul and blues side. Later, like other singers of his generation, with the arrival of disco music, his music became less important. Recently, when the true value of soul has been recognized, his career and his records have been valued.