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Music without Labels XXXX. New York Dolls, Efterklang, Tatín Muriel

Music without Labels XXXX

Pre-punk by New York Dolls

Efterklang´s orchestal post rock

Acid pop by Tatín Muriel.

Urban rock IV: New York Dolls

New York Dolls were the hooligans of the New York underground scene. Despite releasing only two albums and achieving little success, they were a cult band that created the model that would prevail years later, in the era of punk rock.

They made street glam rock rooted in rhythm and blues, soul and the greats of rock and roll. With a provoking attitude, disguised as prostitutes and a garish speech, they proclaimed their condition as a social by-product.

New York Dolls – Trash (1973)

This is a track that was composed by David Johansen and Sylvain Mizrahi that opened their first album New York Dolls. It shows an uncontrollable adolescent energy that would mark the appearance of punk rock.

New York Dolls formed in 1972, when singer David Johansen joined a nameless band led by guitarist Johnny Thunders. In their most stable stage, they were accompanied by guitarist Sylvain Mizrahi, drummer Arthur Nolan and bassist Arthur Kane. After a short stay in London, when they returned to New York they released two records: New York Dolls (1973) and Too Much, Too Soon (1974). The failures and the drugs precipitated in their agony and they ended up disbanding in 1976.

International: Efterklang

Efterklang is an independent rock band from Denmark that plays a mix of post punk with orchestral and experimental pop.  They have creative live performances, both with band and orchestra, that allow to experience new emotions. 

With a solid background in music, their works are a symbiosis between the natural and the use of technology. They create magical symphonies that transport us to dreamy places, like the deepest part of the woods or the North Pole.

Efterklang – Mirador (2009)

This is a live version of a track that’s credited to the whole band and was released in their album Performing Parades, where they are accompanied by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

Efterklang formed in Copenhagen in 2000. After many changes in the line-up, they became a trio with Casper Clausen (vocals), Mads Brauer (keys) and Rasmus Stolberg (bass). They have recorded a good collection of studio and live records, which are true works of art, both musically and plastic. They debuted in 2004 with Tripper, which was followed by Parades (2007) and Magic Chairs (2010), all of them critically acclaimed. Other albums are Piramida (2012) and Altid Sammen (2019).

National: Tatín Muriel

Tatín Muriel is an artist from the independent scene in Seville who defines his style as acid pop, which is a mix that, coming from acid jazz, can be located halfway between pop and the most festive funk.

With a risky proposal, he has evolved from a more intimate singer-songwriter format to that of a band with a powerful wind section, well defined keys and a rhythmic base of guitar, bass and drums.

Tatín Muriel – No tengo más pa darte (2018)

This is a self-written song that was released in his record Kintsugi. That is a Japanese technique of ceramic repair with which Tatín claims the beauty of the scars from what has been lived and learned.

Jesús Rubiño Muriel started with writing rap lyrics, a universe in which he was immersed until he was eighteen and that he abandoned when he started playing the guitar. In November 2016, Tatín Muriel released his first album, Mis lunares favoritos, where he showed the influence of artists such as John Mayer and Prince. Shortly after, however, he decided to establish himself as a band and to release Kintsugi, an EP where he was accompanied by Candela García Campos (keys) and José Guerrero Barberán (trumpet) and that incorporated sounds from electronic music.