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Music without Labels XXXXII. Tom Waits, Mama Pool, Lúa Gramer

Music without Labels XXXXII

Tom Waits´ unclassifiable stile

Jazz rock without guitars by Mama Pool

Pop distorsion by Lúa Gramer.

Urban rock VIII: Tom Waits

Tom Waits is an unclassifiable artist. Half singer and half actor, he reached the spotlight with a work that described his life. It combed through the darkest aspects of night life: delirium tremens, gratuitous violence and impossible loves.

He could have been spotted at dawn playing the old rickety piano at the Atomic Café in downtown Los Angeles. With a deep voice, he roared litanies made by seemingly incongruous phrases mixed with repetitive exclamations.

Tom Waits ‎– Jitterbug Boy (1976)

This is a self-written track, released in his album Small Change. The style of this song is a mixture of blues, jazz and avant-garde techniques with descriptive lyrics of North American life. 

Thomas Alan Waits was born in Pomona (California), in 1949. He’s been a great artist since his first albums: Closing Time (1973) and The Heart of Saturday Night (1974). These were followed by the masterful Small Changes (1976), Heartattack and Vine (1980) and Swordfishtrombones (1983). At the same time, he has taken part in movies like One from the Heart (1982) and Rumble Fish (1983), both directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Another notable movie is Down by Law (1986), by director Jim Jarmusch along with the charismatic musician John Lurie.

National: Mama Pool

Mama Pool is a rock band that is characterised by not using guitars. They were created in 2011 in Barcelona, by the Swiss pianist Gilles Estoppey, who defined their sound as a mix of electricity and elegance.

They are inspired by bands like Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana, and along with Estoppey, the band is formed by the vocalist Johanna Zohler, bassist Miguel Arce and drummer Pau Zañartu. They define their songs as nostalgic but vital.

Mama Pool – Round Again (2019)

This is a track that was composed by Gilles Estoppey and opened their EP Turn. It contains heavy plucking, intense rhythms, deep melodies and inspiring lyrics, without using any guitar.

Gilles Estoppey is a pianist, keyboard player and jazz composer who was born in 1982 in Cully, Switzerland. After earning a bachelor’s degree in the Conservatory of Amsterdam and a master’s degree in New York, he moved to Barcelona in the winter of 2011. He is a veteran musician with an extensive record production that includes solo records, albums with the rock band Mama Pool, with the jazz quartet Walk Tall and as a piano duo with the Canary Islands musician José Alberto Medina. He has also performed in important festivals in Europe, Asia and North America.

National: Lúa Gramer

Lúa Gramer is a band from the independent scene in Badajoz. Their music includes influences by established bands like The Boo Radleys, The Pains of being Pure at Heart and Soft Science. Pure shoegaze for lovers of distortion.

Their songs combine melody with noise, guitar arpeggios with synth arrangements and vocal distorted fury with whispers. Their records have received good reviews from the national and international press.

Lúa Gramer - De sábado (2020)

This is a track that’s credited to the whole band and was included in their album Destruir el pop. Released by the veteran Almería label Clifford Records, it shows the calibrated rage of their previous works.

Lúa Gramer began to develop in the late 2010, when Luis Gragera (guitar and voice) and Susana Merino (voice and keys) started to compose and record chill ambient pop songs. In 2012 David Gonzáles (bass) and Manuel Salitre (guitar) joined them, while Eugenio Abengozar (drums) joined in 2013, forming the band. Progressively they evolved towards dreampop and shoegaze which defines them, although still retaining the detail in the production and smart lyrics that trigger the imagination.