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MWL XXXII. Ted Nugent, Blaue Blume, Jaguares de la Bahía

Music Without Labels XXXII

American heavy by Ted Nugent

New romantic by Blaue Blume

The unpredictable Jaguares de la Bahía.

Heavy metal VIII: United States

In the United States it was a wide range of artists, ranging from the hippie movement of the pioneers Mountain to the Grand Funk Railroad trio, that set the example to follow. Moving to the Rolling Stones influenced sound of Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith.

In a second wave, bands like Bon Jovi, who exploited an image that was catered towards the female audience, emerged. Girls participated to a lesser extent, so when Joan Jett abandoned The Runaways, she found great success.  

Ted Nugent – Stranglehold (1975)

This is the self-written song that opened up his first solo album, named after the artist’s name. He is a superstar known as the beast for presenting the image of a predator cavemen.

Ted Nugent is a spectacular guitarist that set a trend with his phrasing of sharp metal. He got plenty of publicity due to his behaviour: a fan of weapons, sexist in his lyrics and generally a conservative. Other American heavy metal artists were: Kiss, representatives of the metallic and extravagant glam subgenre, Anthrax, who set the trend of hardcore in the eighties, Wasp, who were more inclined towards the spectacular and Blue Oyster Cult, who practiced New York rock, the precursor of Bruce Springsteen and Patty Smith.

International: Blaue Blume

Blaue Blume is a band from the Danish alternative scene dedicated to pop art. Led by the charismatic vocalist Jonas Holst Schmidt, they declare themselves heir to British Neo-romantic bands of the eighties.

More centred on music rather than image, these Danish youngsters record elegant pop songs with striking melodies and timbral experiments. They have been compared to the British Wild Beasts and their fellow nationals Efterklang.

Blaue Blume – Lovable (2019)

This is a track that’s been credited to the entire band that was released as a single from the album Bell of Wool. The lyrics are written by singer Jonas Schmidt and they describe the suffering he experienced during a severe case of depression.

The band Blaue Blume was formed by a group of classmates. Their name comes from the blue rose, a symbol of Romanticism and that represents the longing for the unattainable. Based in Copenhagen they debuted in 2014 with the EP Beau & Lorette which was well received by radio stations. That was followed by Syzygy (2015), a double LP which contained hymns, for the daytime and the nigh time, that surprised for their originality. After various singles and Eps in which they refined their style, in 2019 they came out with their second album Bell of Wool.

National: Los Jaguares de la Bahía

Los Jaguares de la Bahía are a Paco Loco band. That is one of the most unpredictable leaders of the national music scene. Living up to his name, he is capable of transforming on stage into a hypnotic and fun gale.

Coming from the Bay of Cádiz and equipped with their signature Fender Jaguar guitars, they perform crazy live shows where they practice an eclectic style that they define as electronic funk rock.

Los Jaguares de la Bahía  -  I´m Not You Will (2018)

This is a track that’s credited to the whole band and was released on their album Canciones para el discman, a compilation of anti retro-futuristic hymns that make up a puzzle of styles and influences.

Los Jaguares de la Bahía formed in El Puerto de Santamaría. The producer Paco Martínez (ex-member of the band from Gijón Los Locos, vocals and guitars) was accompanied by musicians with of the stature and experience of Jesús Cabral (Leda Tres, bass), Pablo Errea (Australian Blonde, guitars and vocals) and Patricio Espejo (Leda Tres, keys). From that emerging and immediate solution, the flaming Canciones para el discman was made, a collection of 28 self-released singles only in CD format, as a vindication of a today obsolete format.