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Music without Labels XXXI. AC/DC, Tricia Evy, Esplendor

Music without Labels XXXI

The heavy energy of AC/DC

Tricia Evy´s vocl jazz

Pop stories by Esplendor

Heavy metal VII: AC/DC

With an electrifying and popular metallic blues, the Australian band AC/DC built a bridge between the decadent hard rock of the mid-seventies and the new heavy rock wave of the early eighties.

They gained the public’s support thanks to their energy, steel melodies, a raw sound, a solo guitar always in the foreground, glam influences and the diabolic schoolboy character played by guitarist Angus Young.

AC/DC - Highway to Hell (1979)

This track was composed by Angus and Malcom Young with Bon Scott, and it opened up the album named after this song. It was a great success with the sobriety and the sturdiness of Robert John Lange’s production.

AC/DC formed in 1974, by the Young brothers: Angus and Malcom on the guitars and George as the producer. They were accompanied by Mark Evans (bass), Phil Rudd (drums) and singer Bon Scott. From 1976 they played in small London venues, where the audience, especially the young ones, surrendered themselves to their electric energy and their spectacular shows. The death of Bon Scott in 1979 marks their maximum popularity. Despite this, they went losing creativity in the studio, while their live shows kept going thanks to the genius of the Gibson SG guitar. 

International: Tricia Evy

Born in the island of Guadalupe, Tricia Evy is one of the most original and brilliant singers of the new generations of the vocal jazz scene. She has a highly requested voice that has been requested to partake in important festivals like that of Montreux.

Bases in France, she shows great skill on the stage and an impressive vocal register. Her repertoire is comprised by standards, such as her own compositions and covers of traditional songs from her country of origin.

Tricia Evy - Moin Ka Senti an Love (2018)

This is a self-written track that was released in her album Usawa, a self-produced record featuring David Fackeure on the piano, Pierre Boussaguet on the double bass and Michael Tafforeau on the chello.

Tricia Evy discovered her passion for singing when she was a child, while listening to artists such as Georges Brassens and Patrick Saint Eloi. In 2006 she established her residence in Paris, where she made jazz her main form of expression, learning from great women such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, and from male performers like Louis Armstrong. In 2010 she released Beginning, her debut album, to which followed Meet Me (2013). In 2018 Usawa came out, this is the album in which she reached musical maturity and was released with her own label, Label Evy.

National: Esplendor

Esplendor is a band from Malaga with a psychedelic vein, voices in Spanish and an obsession with pop stories. It’s led by the composers Pedro Ruiz Martín (vocals, guitar, keys) and Isabel Guerrero (vocals, drums).

With a long career on their back, their music highlights the importance of songs, especially the reproachful ones. With melodies that do not offer resistance, they try to extract the beauty of the increasingly hostile reality they perceive.

Esplendor - Los lugares del sueño (2019)

This is a track that was composed by Pedro Ruiz Martín and Isabel Guerrero and was released in their EP Libres de afectación. It’s inspired by the poetic short story of the same title by the poet Rafael Pérez Estrada.

After previous musical experiences, Isabel and Pedro created Esplendor with the intention of letting loose their compositional unrest. They were accompanied by Daniel Pérez Doblas (bass) and Sergio Higuero (guitar). After releasing several demos, they signed with the Almeria based label Clifford Records and Tara came out, that is a record with five songs that was released in 2015. It was followed by several singles and the EP El ejército de la sombra (2018). In 2019 appeared Libres de afectación, an album that was dedicated to the memory of the singer-songwriter Alexandre Lacaze.