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Music without Labels XXXXI. Patti Smith, María José Llergo, The Claim

Music without Labels XXXXI

Intellectual feminism by Patti Smith

María José  Llergo´s flamenco revolution

Mod pop by The Claim.

Urban Rock V: Patti Smith

Patti Smith is one of the most influential rock artists. She added a feminist and intellectual point of view to the poetry of the beat movement. Her image, androgynous and unfeminine, challenged the music industry of the seventies. 

Although she didn’t have much of a voice and her band, Patti Smith Group, showed a certain musical inexperience, she reinvented the rock of her time, awakening the social conscience of her audience and proclaiming love for words and life.

Patti Smith - Free Money (1975)

This is a song that was composed by Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye and was released on her album Horses. This record was produced by John Cale and on the cover there is a work by the renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. 

Patricia Lee Smith was born in Chicago in 1946. After a difficult childhood in New Jersey, she escaped to New York, where she worked different jobs and published her first collection of poems Seventh Heaven (1972). Along with the musical journalist and guitarist Lenny Kaye, in 1972 she published her first single, which would be followed by the album Horses. From there she starred in an extensive career where she alternated electric records with more conventional ones. At the same time, she collaborated with all types of artists, mostly from the most avant-garde scene.

National: María José Llergo

María José Llergo is a young flamenco singer from Cordoba that is called to have the leading role in a revolution in flamenco. She shines with only a couple of her own released songs and a few videos uploaded on the internet.

Her singing is a deep and atypical plea for artistic commitment. With great mastery she mixes heart and flamenco instinct with all types of sounds. Her method is to allow music to pass through her to project it wildly.

María José Llergo ‎– El péndulo (2019)

This is a self-written song that was released as a preview of her first album Sensación. Accompanied by a video of Ángel Pastrana, the song is about balance in life.

Maria José Llergo was born in Pozoblanco in 1994. From there she went to Barcelona to study in ESMUC, taking with her the songs of Manolo Caracol and Antonio Machín that her grandfather taught her while working in the fields. In 2018, she surprised with the self-published video Niña de las dunas, accompanied by guitarist Marc López. The recognition came a year later, with Me miras pero no me ves, a track which deals with the invisibility of certain social collectives that opened the doors to great stages for her.

International: The Claim

The Claim is one of the main bands of the rich musical scene that flourished in the eighties in the area of Medway (United Kingdom). They made pop music that descended from mod, and it was regarded as the link between The Kinks and Blur.

They have a fresh and authentic sound that gathers the essential ingredients of the classic English guitar: the elegance of Bert Jansch’s folk, the melodic pop of Ray Davies and the pop with politic overtones of Paul Weller and Elvis Costello.

The Claim – Journey (2019)

This is a track that was composed by David Arnold and David Read and was released on his album The New Industrial Ballads. Accompanied by a video directed by Jack Read, it’s dedicated to Brexit.

The Claim was formed around 1980 in Cliff (Kent). Its current line-up includes David Read (voice, guitar and keys), David Arnold (guitar), Stuart Ellis (bass) and Martin Bishop (drums). Between 1985 and 1992, The Claim released two LPs and several singles and EPs, among which their album Bloomy Tella (1988) stands out, being considered a classic of the genre. In 2019 and after a break of almost 29 years, they resumed their career and The New Industrial Ballads came out, a record that’s different and interesting but retains the characteristic hallmark of their sound.