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Youth Symphony

How does he continue?

In 1969, he abandons his confinement at the request of the Beatles to produce their album Let It Be. McCartney doesn't like his arrangements, but Lennon and Harrison do, with whom he will work on their first solo albums.

He tries to rebuild his empire with labels such as Warner-Spector or Spector-International, where old friends record without much repercussion. On the other hand, the reissues of his legendary recordings sell well.

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road (1970)

A song credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It is one of the songs that emerged from the collaboration between Phil Spector and The Beatles that created controversy


The Long and Winding Road is a ballad inspired by the growing tension that existed between the members of The Beatles shortly before their separation. Although Paul McCartney did not like Spector's orchestration, the song in its original version was finally included on the album Let It Be, which received a Grammy Award. McCartney did not cease in his endeavor until, in 2003, he released a new version called Let It Be Naked, without Spector's orchestral arrangements.

How was his relationship with other artists?

Many artists suffered from Spector's bad temper. Once successful, the stars dispensed with his services and sought out other producers who simulated his techniques and work. That was how Bill Medley triumphed.

John Lennon had to finish his Rock and Roll album on his own and Leonard Cohen said that in the studio he became Mr. Hyde. The last complete album in which he participated was End of the Century by The Ramones, in 1980.

The Ramones - Baby I Love You (1980)

A song composed by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, and Ellie Greenwich. It appeared on the fifth studio album by the New York band and was produced by Phil Spector.


Attracted to The Ramones, Spector was able to take a punk rock band and create a new sound for them. To do this, he left aside the original and energetic formulas of this style and moved closer to pop. Proof of this was that he got them to make a version of the song Baby I Love You that he himself had co-written, in 1964, for The Ronettes. Some think that the End of the Century album does not represent the authentic style of The Ramones. Others, on the contrary, think that perhaps it is their best work.

What was his legacy?

After an active life, on April 13, 2009, he was convicted for the murder of the actress Lana Clarkson. Sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in prison, he will only be able to request parole in 2028 at the age of 88.

«I was looking for a sound so strong that it would be able to turn even a mediocre composition into something powerful. My records have simple beginnings but end with a dynamic force, meaning, and intention. That's it» Phil Spector.

Leonard Cohen - Memories (1977)

A song composed by Cohen himself and Phil Spector, who also produced it. It was another of the works he did for a consecrated star.

The album Death of a Ladies’ Man was the only collaboration between Phil Spector and Leonard Cohen. The sound of the album moved away from the minimalism to which Cohen was accustomed, which surprised his followers. They both wrote fifteen songs together over two weeks; but at the time of the recording, Spector barred Cohen from entering the studio. When the album appeared, Cohen said some voice tracks were missing and called it a disaster, refusing to try to defend the songs live.