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The manager

Who’s he?

The manager is the representative of the artist's interests. A professional who intervenes in all decisions that affect the public image of the person he or she represents. It is the inevitable result of turning rock into a business.

Although his figure has often been denigrated, most emerging artists do not have business experience and the manager becomes a guide and advisor who influences their future in a decisive way.

Eagles - New Kid in Town (1976)

Song composed by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther. It was a great success of this band represented by Irving Azoff, considered the most powerful person in the music industry.


Irving Azoff was born into a Jewish family in Danville, Illinois, in 1947. A restless young man, he began promoting bands in his high school years. After graduating from the University of Illinois, in 1970 he settled in Los Angeles, where he began working with Eagles, a relationship that has lasted over forty years. He has been the CEO of major entertainment companies such as Front Line, Ticketmaster and Live Nation. In addition to Eagles, he has represented artists such as Dan Fogelberg, Van Halen and Christina Aguilera.

More examples?

One of the clearest examples was Brian Epstein, who, infected by the enthusiasm of the band, devoted himself to the cause with unbounded dedication. The Beatles might not have achieved anything without his help.

Another case was Colonel Tom Parker, manager of Elvis Presley. A cheater with show business experience who took Elvis off Sun Records and sold him to the almighty RCA, making him the headliner of rock and roll.

Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers - The Saints (1961)

Version of a traditional song arranged by Sheridan himself. It was released on a single that he recorded in Germany with some, at that time unknown, young Beatles.

. bepstein_tema2.jpg

Owner of a record store, Brian Epstein commented that after a series of clients asked about this record and not being able to find it through any of his usual contacts, he decided to go and ask the band directly. So, on November 9th 1961, he went to see them perform at The Cavern Club, in Liverpool. Epstein was impressed, both by the music of the band and by the personal charisma of its members, and immediately offered to manage them.

Is someone else remarkable?

There were manipulators who made themselves out of gold by satisfying the demand of a malleable public. Thus, Robert Marucci invented stars like Franky Avalon. In the UK, Larry Parnes ingeniously created idols like Marty Wilde. 

Another type of manager was involved in the lifestyle of his constituents. This was the case of Albert Grossman with Bob Dylan. Also, suggestive characters such as Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, emerged.

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK (1977)

This song is credited to all the members of this pioneering British punk band. It was created, and its members recruited, by manager Malcolm McLaren.

Malcolm Edwards was a young man attracted by the International Situationist Movement, which promoted absurd and provocative acts to enact social change. He would later use these techniques to promote the rock and pop bands he worked with. In 1974 he was an agent for the proto-punk group New York Dolls and in 1975 he formed the Sex Pistols, a punk band that had a short but intense career. He also worked with artists like Adam Ant and the group Bow Wow Wow. As early as the 1980s, McLaren recorded his own albums.