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What scenes do we have within pop music?

The underground- or basement- designates those counter-cultural movements that are considered alternative, parallel, alien or contrary to the so-called mass cultural or general trend. From the artistic point of view, it refers to the most creative and innovative part, which usually develops in an independent way.

Joy Division – Shadowplay (1979)

Song credited to the whole band which is very representative of the most artistic and innovative underground, where the search for a new form of expression prevails over that of commercial success.

Joy Division was a British cult band that, between the late seventies and early eighties, evolved from their beginnings in punk rock to become pioneers of post-punk. With a great personality, they explored new sounds and developed an intimate style that created a school and decisively influenced their contemporaries and later trends and bands.

What is mainstream?

Mainstream or general trend designates mass culture. Their works have great means for their production and commercialization, easily reaching the great public. Most of these works have an excessively commercial character and little innovative or artistic. It is practiced in the field of the entertainment industry.

canto loco_tema2.jpg

El Canto del Loco – Peter Pan (2008)

Song credited to Dani Martín, leader of this post-rock band from Madrid. It is a clear example of the sound, theme and image of mainstream.

El Canto del Loco was one of the most important bands on the Spanish scene of the 21st century. Following the mainstream model, the song does not bring new elements but takes them from trends alredy established to make music adapted to the taste of the general public. In this case, the song has combined a catchy sound without stridencies, which can make the whole family like it, with an adolescent theme but no critical or social message, and the apparently rebellious image of the singer, aimed at the youngest.

What is avant garde?

In the artistic field, the avant garde makes reference to a renewal of forms and contents that bet on innovation and experimentation. The musical avant gardes have emerged on the underground scene in the hands of restless minorities, being picked up by small independent companies that function as test laboratories.

sexy sadie_tema3.jpg

Sexy Sadie – I Won’t Hurt You (2003)

Song composed by all of the members of one of the most important bands in the Spanish independent scene.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, small independent record companies have been in charge of betting on musicians who were unknown at the time, and responsible for the development of new sounds, messages and forms of expression. Styles such as jazz, blues, folk, country or rock and roll among others owe their survival to these companies. They have acted as true patrons of art and culture for the powerful entertainment industry.

What do we know as revival?

Referring to music, revival designates the recovery of movements or music genres that happened in the past. This makes the chronology of popular music difficult to establish, since the movements do not follow each other in sequence. They are often mixed, making them difficult to label or classify, therefore defining very diffuse boundaries.

rolling stones_tema4.jpg

Rolling Stones – Talking About You (1965)

The band performs a black American music song, composed by their idol and master, Chuck Berry.

In the early sixties, British art schools were the refuge of restless young people who claimed to live in the present and bet on immediate pleasure. The exchange of ideas and experiences reigned there, and this atmosphere was the best breeding ground for making discoveries, including black music. Several of these young people, fascinated by the rhythm and authenticity of rhythm and blues, formed The Rolling Stones, who made a style that had been born many years before becoming fashionable in the United Kingdom in the sixties.