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Natáliyah Bravo

After 6 years of being professionally known as “Nath Bravo”, today we meet an entirely distinct woman; Natáliyah, whose name means: “The birth/awakening of God”.

Natáliyah is a 23 year old artist, originally from Mexico; songwriter and producer with the innate gift of a very special voice and singing capacity. Her project, as she has told us, has evolved alongside her own self. 


After 2 years of no official releases, Natáliyah re-introduces herself with the delicacy and fragility of a song that is not only personal, but raw, simple and deeply emotional. We are talking about 3 minutes and 47 seconds in which we only get to listen to: a piano, her breath, the cracking of an old vinilo playing and the most hypnotizing smooth voice that narrates, in english and spanish, the vision of a Mother that experiences the melancholy of an absent daughter. If that is not enough, she has also directed and produced what she calls “A Visual Poem”, meaning: a music video. In the video she features old pictures of herself alongside her mother Figures, for then doing a Remake of such images with the real Mother, Grandmother and Aunt that looked after her during her childhood. 

In her first EP, Shadowman, which was published under her first name: “Nath Bravo”, Natáliyah was talking about her perception on fear, dark emotions and sadness. The musical production of that was undoubtedly influenced by Rock, Blues and some pop, but, with “Niña Bonita” she takes us to a completely different place, much more profound, close, intimate and vulnerable.


“Niña Bonita” is the first of two singles she’s releasing because, as she’s told us, there is another piece that will be out by the end of June. Both singles are from her perspective: “A Watershed” for this new era as an artist, in which she considers she is being her truest self.