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Myths of Rock And Roll

How was it born?

Rock and Roll was born in the social stratum of the most disadvantaged. Black people in the rural areas of the United States developed it in ghettos as a means of expressing their very poor living conditions.

However, rock and roll spread rapidly, infecting first the whites in their immediate environment. Then it reached the big cities and became a mass phenomenon, including the richest.

U2 – Get on Your Boots (2009)

This song is credited to all the members of one of the bands that best represent the mass phenomenon that rock has become.


The Dublin-based band U2 are an example of the trascendence and importance that rock and roll has acquired. They began in the mid-seventies underground scene as standard-bearers of post-punk and with a strong commitment to the confusing political situation that surrounded them. Later on, after incorporating the most popular genres into their music and using that commitment to benefir their image, they became superstars with great media impact and influence worldwide, in certain circles.

Was Elvis its inventor?

Rock and roll alredy existed some years before Elvis Presley came to scene. In fact, there are recordings that date back to the late 1940’s. Elvis was an icebreaker, so he was soon known and recognized by the general public.

Is it a genuine American product?

It was born in Northamerica but it quickly infiltrated among every country, even among enemies of the USA. It has intrinsic values that allow it to break boundaries and integrate with elements from other cultures.

Elvis Presley – Blue Suede Shoes (1956)

Adaptation of a song composed by Carl Perkins, who had launched it a year earlier, unnoticed. Elvis popularized it on a large scale and included it in his repertoire.

By the end of the 1940s, an evolution of boogie-woogie was being played in the black community and was included on the general rhythm and blues label. A little later, in 1951, this music was called rock and roll by disc jockey Alan Freed, on his radio show. Although Elvis made his first recordings in 1953, on Sun Records in Memphis, it wasn't until 1954 that he recorded the first track showing a mix of country and rock and roll, which they called rockabilly.

Who controls it?

In the entertainment industry (mainstream), the general design of the album corresponds to the producer, who directs the efforts of all: composers, singers, instrumentalists, etc.

But rock and roll, which was imposed by force on the industry that preferred more civilized music, made it possible for the artist to control the work. And it is still like that in the underground.

Australian Blonde – Lay It on the Line (2001)

Song composed by Jen Braun, Tito Valdés and Paco Loco, an example of an underground musician who, apart from being a part of the band, also assumes the production role.

australian blonde.jpg

Australian Blonde is one of the most influential bands within the so-called Xixón Sound, an alternative music movement that appeared in Gijón during the early nineties. Paco Martínez, also known as Paco Loco, works with this movement and he is a crucial figure within the Spanish underground scene. He has developed a great artistic career as composer, performer and producer. His arrangements and musical resources have been recorded in the works of other artists who owe him their sound and identity.