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Legends of Rock And Roll

Is the truth of rock in live performances?

The first albums tried to reflect the live performances but, as recording techniques advanced, they were used to make the most of the studio’s unlimited possibilities.

Is it expressed through lyrics?

At first it made an impact because of the sound, which was later complemented by the lyrics. Its metalanguage also includes attitude and image, although when admitted massively it has lost its provocative character.

Niño y pistola – I Shall Overcome (2008)

Song credited to the whole band. It has been recorded without any kind of filter or sound effect with the intention of simulating its live sound.


This is a Galician band from Baiona that claims the simple, reflecting it in their works. Here they show us a composition of american folk-rock style with a classic cut, taking as main influences the sound of the bands from the west coast of the United States like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Band or The Byrds. Their sound has been electrified but without losing sight of the acoustic guitar, which is the protagonist in many moments of the song, and the vocal harmonies, which play a major role.

Does it bear the seeds of revolution?

At first, rock and roll was not well seen by the more conservative ideologies, but as the years went by, sub-genres of all doctrines appeared: hippie, Christian, etc.

Rock has followed the flows of youthful discontent. But where it has had more impact is in the area of customs. Arrogance, defiance and eroticism are some of its usual components.

Nina Hagen – Tvglotzer (1978)

This is the version of a song by the American punk band, The Tubes. This single marked the debut of an East Berliner who was a quintessential rock and roll figure.

After being considered a promising child of the opera at the age of nine, Nina Hagen cultivated a groundbreaking and extravagant image, with which she developed a non-conformist and critical attitude towards social problems and lack of freedom. In this song she talks about the image of wonderland that the citizens of the former East Germany received on the other side of the Iron Curtain. She wrote this song before she was expatriated to West Germany, following in the footsteps of her stepfather, singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann.

Is rock an art?

Substantially, it is an industrial product, made to be consumed at the time, and usually lacks significance. Given its popularity, elementary and spontaneous pieces tend to last better.

It is said that there has always been a minority of artists who have been great creators and a large majority of copiers. A musician like Leonard Cohen thinks that it is preferable to talk about "song workers".

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne (1967)

One of the great ones within popular music, he wrote this poem which he set to music shortly afterwards. His work and his figure have inspired other artists from different disciplines.

leonard cohen_tema3.jpg

Canadian Leonard Cohen is the prototype of a poet-singer. Although he doesn't say it out of humility, he is a true creator of art who has stayed away from the stereotype of the artist, with capital letters, that so many musicians have made to their measure. Committed to his time and active for several decades, he has created a school and maintained a consistent stance throughout his career, exploring topics such as religion, politics, isolation, personal relationships and sexuality.