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Bhuvan Singh, music in red

Drawing inspiration from old folk songs, 50's country and rockabilly music, raccoons, heartbreak, silent movies and unsolved murder cases, the berlin-based singer-songwriter creates music in all shades of red. Red as a desert sunset, red as your ex-lover's lipstick-traces on your shirt, red as Dorothy's slippers and red as dried bloodstains in a cheap hotel.

Bhuvan Singh was born in Basel, Switzerland, a border city where LSD was invented. Determined to bring some happiness to the world, she brought out the best in her Indian roots and began writing songs. Since then he lives in Berlin, where he has released a new EP with songs with a vintage flavor about the end of the world and other misfortunes. He works with the interesting independent label Blue Whale Records.

This Shelter theme was published in February 2020.