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Pony Bravo releases "Gurú"

Eclectic in the musical aspect, as it's usual in the band's trajectory, with sharp lyrics in which humor implies critical thinking, and surrounded by a creative repertoire transformed into an extended script, Gurú is Pony Bravo's fourth album. 12 tracks available on digital platforms in which the band goes through already visited genres and delves into new sounds.

Gurú (Telegrama, 2019) includes the singles Rey Boabdil with a music video by Pablo Peña, Espectro de Jung and Piensa McFly, a lysergic adventure with a music video by Daniel Alonso. 15 minutes in which Andalusian themes, the world of fiction or psychology meet, and a teaser of this new LP in which they separate genres such as the most lo-fi exotica, dub or new wave from the 80s.

Produced by the band's members, Gurú condenses a new remix in search of new paths, some of which they already showed in their previous LPs Si bajo de espaldas no me da miedo (y otras historias) (2007), Un gramo de fe (2010) and De Palmas y Cacería (2013).

Singles such as Rey Boabdil or Loca mente connect with Andalusian roots in the search of new rhythms; Totomami is more directed at dance floors; the noticeable new wave in Relax y Rolex or Casi nazi; Claro en la jungla's exotica or Lawrence de Aruba's frontier air join tracks which consolidate the group's classic sound, such as Espectro de Jung, Errores son horrores or La yerba mala finish completing this fourth album.

Once again accompanied by the illustrations and video creations by Daniel Alonso (voice, composition and keyboards in the band), Gurú has an extended script in PDF format made up of 52 pages in full color with artworks and the songs' lyrics. This format will soon be available in physical and digital editions.

Recorded and mixed by Raúl Pérez in La Mina, and in the group's studio and rehearsal studio, El Establo, by Darío del Moral, this new album has been mastered by Golden Mastering (California) and will have physical editions thanks to their collaboration with Telegrama, La Cupula Music and Keroxen. It will be available for pre-order in Telegrama Cultural's website.