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Zahara or her power of melting everything

Zahara has stopped being a brunette to go blonde, and has stopped looking like the naive girl who appeared between cakes and muffins to turn into a heroine, so much that she is now able to defrost anything that comes her way. She does so with her last tour El deshielo (the thaw) and in Granada, we could verify that her meteorological superpowers do work.

The artist from Úbeda arrived at the venue, Sala Planta Baja, with everything being sold out since last month, and people was waiting for her very enthusiastically. A bit after ten at night, the singer came up onstage accompanied by a great band (Martí Perarnau, Miguel de Lucas and Víctor Cabezuelo from Mucho, and Víctor Cabezuelo from The Right Ons) and they started off forcefully. A cover of Tú me llevas implied that the previous Zahara world is not the same world now. She keeps her delicateness, elegance and straight manner of sayung things but, like her music, everything has dressed up over time and it feels much more mature and experienced now than back with her first chords. From the very first song of the show we could confirm that percussion and echo sounds have gained much prominence in her songs and that the most psychedelic atmospheres gain ground in her staging.

The multiform concert she is doing in this tour makes it possible to see all the 'Zaharas'; the most warrior one, dancer and conspiratorial with her musicians in songs like Leñador and la Mujer América, El Universo or General Sherman y como Sam Bell volvió de la luna, which she sang along with Martí Perarnau, or the most acoustic and old Zahara when she let the band go and was left alone with the audience. Alone it's a saying, because, as she had already announced, she had also prepared some surprises for the Granada show. And one of them came after she performed the delicate El lugar donde viene a morir el amor and surprisingly covered Rihana with Only girl in the world, when she invited a part of her friends Niños Mutantes (Juan Alberto y Andrés) to come up onstage and they performed Errante. The audience was beyond devoted at this point but it went further when other decisive moments began to come thanks to songs like Olor a Mandarinas, with all her might, or the awaited Con las ganas, which does not lose its feeling over time and which caused a deathly silent at the venue, broken only by the gentle whispering of people accompanying her in some of the sentences of the lyrics.

Amon the songs chosen by her fans themselves there were a few which had to be in the list, like Photofinish; Del Invierno or her famous Merezco, songs which came with the preview to El deshielo, a powerful and rhythmic piece that will be included in her last work, which will be released in the spring of 2015.

The end was coming and practically, everything had already been melted when the singer got her cinephile side out, remembering Grease with You´re the one that I want and warning us that the Funeral of the farewell was approaching.

Even so, Zahara did not want to leave without being how she is, natural and grateful to everyone who were with her that moment (including her mother), and to those who were not there but had made the whole El Deshielo possible, one of her smallest but most important tours. She left with Camino a L.A. A very emotional song with which "I let out everything I was feeling." Nothing strange in her; letting out and singing how she feels is what she does best. That is Zahara's real power.