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X Vértigo Estival

The past 1st and 2nd of August indie arrived in Ciudad de la Peña (Martos, Jaén) from the hands of the Asociación Cultural Vértigo, as part of the Jaén en Julio season. This festival, of which the starting point was the creation of a festival between five friends, just as one of its arrangers discussed, has become a decade later, a good stage for the Andalusian summer scene.

Vértigo Estival started on Friday by the hand of Marklenders, a band from Huelva, winners of the independent Andalucian Nueva Escena, who, little by little, are making a space for themselves with their indie-pop.

Furia was next with their western rock, their good rhythm and their harmony. This young band from Cádiz, regarding their career (barely a year), come bursting onto the scene. Great discovery. We arrive at the equator of the first day with Blam de Lam, fruit of the land of Martos. They appeared on the scene with their theremin (which they make the most of) and, as it was to be expected, they did win their audience over.

Around midnight L.A. hit the stage, the band from Mallorca led by Luis Alberto Segura. The Vértigo Estival festival has been one of the dates included in their summer tour. They displayed a selection of their discography, songs such as Dualize, Hands and Oh, Why? made the vertiginous attendees sing and took us to the crucial point of the night. Nevertheless, concerning their aptitude on stage, we can’t say the same, a little ‘cold’.

Closing the first day of the festival was León Benavente and these guys did not disappoint. They showed their skill and their old hand, they delighted us with songs like Estado provisional,   Revolución, El rey Ricardo and Ser brigada, creating a unique atmosphere. The party continued with Giantsongs Dj and Lover Dj, but we went home, for the following day was predicted to be intense.

Saturday morning, we pick up our bathing suits, towels, and we head for the local pool, towards the ‘Malibubeach’ stage. At 01:30 p.m. Los Tsunamis arrived to make kids, adults and children boogie and vibrate, inevitable with their playful and funny rhythms. The band from Úbeda honored their name and created a tsunami of good vibes. It was time for a plate of paella, a swim, and sitting on the lawn to listen to The Yellows Melodies. Those who still had strength left carried on enjoying themselves with more music from Perdona Bonita DJ.

The night of the second day was inaugurated by the band of experienced rockers from Sevilla, Lõbinson, to thereon, lead into Getxo Smile. This band with shades of folk, rock and country won the audience over at minute one, their charismatic singer John Franks and the quality of their music captured every one of us who were there; they went out of their way so that no one would remain indifferent to it. As an anecdote, a sentence by Franks himself, “A pelamen es un lujamen” (unaccompanied, it’s luxury), right after, he unplugged himself; dead silence, he burst into singing accompanied only by a guitar, and a magical atmosphere sprang forth. I dare say he dazzled all those present.

One of the main attractions of the festival was Exsonvaldes. The French musicians conquered us with their pop with influences of rock, deeply shaped melodies. They delighted us with songs in English like Days, in their native language like the grand L’aérotrain, and breaking barriers, they took the risk of playing a cover of Radio Futura, the legendary Enamorado de la moda juvenil, with which they made everybody leap.

End of the party on a large scale with The Posies, the legendary band from the 90s that marked a generation. Their electrifying performance, full of energy and thunderous riffs that infected the audience—the slam settled in the first rows song after song— and the thing is, it was impossible to stop moving. For whoever got energy left after such spectacle, Andy and Playground Dj had a good one prepared.

We leave this festival with a good taste in our mouths. Now, all there’s left to do is wish Vértigo Estival a happy 10th anniversary and say congratulations on getting better year after year.


Translation by Irene Soto.