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Wild Suffocation

The 5-piece combo Leone opened in a less-crowded-than-deserved venue. Accompanied by multiple instruments their played their teasing, tropical-ish rock. Agile in pauses and tempo they kept the audience more than amused in a good and enjoyable gig. A nice band that reminded of Salvaje Montoya was just perfect to prepare us for the next level.


After some nearly despairing technical problems Disco Las Palmeras made it up for all the mess offering an excellent gig right from the first chord. In one go, without encores or long speeches in between we enjoyed their abrasive guitar strums allied with colossal drums and a skillfully played keyboard. The Galician band revised their 3 LP’s in a properly compensated way.

The attractive, enigmatic sounds of Nihil Obstat and Ultramelt with Asfixia, a rad record which can be already found among the Top 2015. Massive tunes such as Me la jugasteisen China, A losindecisos, La casa cuartel and Desde hoy perfecto were played non-stop, creating an explosive magma together with other anthems such as Parte del engranaje and Absenta. Juventud Juché’s singer teamed up with the band in some of the tunes. Élites, Morir o matar, Cállate la boca and Tarde y malsoundeddelightful. They closed with a collaborationist double dragon, rounding off a superb gig we would have never wanted to end. It was a clear example of the glorious moments the Spanish independent music scene is currently living.

Disco Las palmeras 2.jpg

Diego, Julián and Martiño displayed the whole range of sick textures a 3-piece band is capable of. They are surely one of the fittest bands in the national alternative scene.

Kurt Cobain himself would have had a blast. Needless to say I did.

Town Madrid

VenueSala El sol

Date Friday May 29th2015