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What Sexy Zebras earned in London

Sometimes is better for oneself than for the audience might be what the band Sexy Zebras thought before give their show last 22 May in the Londoner local The 100 Club.

The situation became rather complicated for the band and for the promoter who was responsible for organising the event, Rock Sin Subtítulos, when occurred the case that the tickets barely were sold. Any other promoter or band, in view of this situation, wants to play safe and  choose to cancel the gig, however the remedy adopted by the tamden Zebras-Sin Subtítulos is about a genuine commitment and passion for music: giving the tickets for free and let people pay what they consider after the show. Maybe the first cache set in tips in the music history.

The desire to play in the legendary The 100 Club used by bands as Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck and Motorhead was rewarded. The truth is that one must be a Little crazy to travel from Spain to UK knowing the possibility to play in front of just waiters and technicians, but in spite of that, the fucking (in reference to the title of the album) Sexy Zebras dared to do it and the karma caused the event was filled more than half the local’s capacity, in a night of rock that was highly satisfactory both fans and curious people who went to the gig without a price determined.

The courageous decision of the band and the promoted company you win the battle with a selfish answer  from people who is used to see that Rock subtitles 's events never disappoints . For me, the company , and of course the band , have shown remarkable commitment with music which has served to unmask this selfishness from Those Who prefer to support a well -known name than the fact that there exists a group dedicated to bring musicians from Spain to UK and make spanish people living here enjoy the gigs. When you pay for a ticket you are not just paying to see your favorite artist, you are paying for that this never ceases to exist.

It goes without saying, of course, that behind the love for art there is a very long and hard work that has a price, but also there is a passion for music that is priceless, and, therefore, maybe the fact of going ahead with this It could not have a better economic assessment than not have price. According to Irene Bernejo, press officer of Rock Sin Subtítulos, <<this concert was carried out not because of the free tickets but for the musical bet, which sometimes we forget about, but, in addition to work with numbers, we work with people and songs>>.

Sexy Zebras did not disappoint in the night where music, understood as a divinity able to decide the future of its earthly devotees, decided to bet by them and they really sweat, as usual in their live shows, exuding their energetic garage rock and becoming part of the exquisite list of gods of rock who played there when they were still mortals.