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Warm, night and lot of sampler

Experience is the best way to learn and one from the many things Nocturama has teached us is that to hold long hours of music and cushion in your stomach as many beers as your pocket let you, giving yourself a pita is the best idea. If you have a Dj seasoning the night with Cuchillas from Kokoshca and Dos Policias from Los Punsetes, that is better than better. 

It was close to 22:00 when Rafa Spunky get on the stage accompained by his band, made by just two guys and the laptop, having a love and hate relationship with it during all the gig long. Song by song, the known chorist of Fangoria toke the crowd to a trash and queer universe. With a sound that remembered a light version of Putilatex. Rafa played one of his biggest from his album Mutaciones, Borracha. The song, which was enough to make all the sitting people waiting for La Bien Querida move their bodies, promised a big show with the Alaska featuring.


Eighties sound suddenly stoped with a new song starting. <<It makes so much heat are rebel machines>> Spunky said. Like a particular Sarah Connor, the songwriter arm himself out of consequences and sampler and went on with the gig. With the help from the last minutes of the hot computer's life Rafa performed finally Naturaleza Hostil from his last recording Mitomania Ep. <<Well, with a bang. This is how it is done>> singer left.

With the stop in between, the last people in get it runned to find a room as close to the stage as posible under the rhythm of Bigott's Cannibal Dinner

Over 23:20 La Bien Querida started their concert. It was a warm intimacy gig brought by the hand of the duo acustic configuration. The performances happened one by one withot any intro from a demure and shy Ana. She started with Piensa como yo, then was follow by El origen del mundo. In Queridos Tamarindos they introduced a recorded base. La Bien Querida proved with Arenas movedizas that the acustic format does not sacrifices the most revengeful punk spirit.


<<I want to dedicate this song to all of you come. You are so many. And to this beautifull city, Sevilla>>. After these words Ana sang Muero de amor and announced the end of the gig playing De momento abril. The rapt public moved slowly and soft the hips dancing A veces ni eso. It looked like they were ending with Poderes extraños, but finally answered the "one more, one more!" the crowd asked comming back to the stage to play Semana Santa y Veleta. <<Ana beauty, I eat your face!>>. Before to leave an overwhelmed Ana thanked the cannibals flatteries from the fans spreading the setlist and her plectrum.