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Granada welcomed a festival with a beautiful charitable idea as its background at the Tren venue, helping women with breast cancer. Taking this as the starting point, the bands burst onto the scene on a stage with a lot of smoke and colors, which provoked that atmosphere the audience coveted and were thankful for. In the morning, the singer-songwriter Lucía Scansetti, had opened the curtains with an acoustic performance at Discos Bora Bora, very intimate and with a very good reception.

Later at night, since Rufus T. Firefly got the night started, the room was already almost full, devoted to the music of a varied band, with five members (two of them girls, drummer and bassist). They were one of the few Spanish bands who sang in Spanish, and they knew how to do it right, enlivening it in the best possible way, reaching ecstasy with their song Incendiosuicida, during which they hypnotized us with their staging.

After that it was Royal Mail’s turn, the bearded guys, who by means through magnificent instrumental pieces left quite some people dumbfounded. At the end of the concert a mic failed but they solved it like only an experienced band would. Without losing composure and with a steady look, they kept playing at the edge of the stage while people thanked them for such might.

The night progressively became a party and it was time for one of the main attractions of the night, L.A., from Mallorca. By that time, it was difficult to move around in the room. They showed up with two microphones to let everyone see they are still one of the strongest indie bands in the country, singing in English. Bursting with power, they presented new songs to an audience willing to listen to them again.


After the L.A. rush, the other headliners, Neuman, came up onstage with a different positioning, in which the singer placed himself at one side of the dais and not in the middle of it. These four musicians were the ones to cheer the atmosphere up the most, filling it with good music and good feelings. Luckily, the members of the band had towels at their disposal to dry their sweat, because they really needed them. They left a unique mark on the festival.

The night was at its critical moment, and it was Plastik Frotik Machine who kept it going, presenting their new album Playful and making people boogie. Although it was not until the moment Varry Brava arrived that the ecstasy reached its peak. These kids from Murcia sure know how to make people dance in the small hours. With their song No Gires, people lifted their feet up off the ground to feel the moment more intensively.

Ultimately, high quality music for a good cause, as its hashtag says: #VaPorEllas.