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All La Glory, Vampiric love song

The career of musicians from Seville All La Glory keeps developing into their consolidation among the most interesting proposals of the national independent music scene. After dropping the acclaimed Everybody’s Breaking Everybody’s Heart at the end of 2016, the LP they were praised for, not only because of the content of the album, but also for its translation into live performance, the band led by Juano Azagra presents multiple changes.

The most important one, undoubtedly: the lyrics of their ten new songs are in Spanish, something which Juano was not new to since he previously worked in Bombones, and that he now recovers in a natural movement. On that topic, another one of the peculiarities of Disco Fantasma is the solo voice of Pilar G. Angulo in three of the dozen songs that will be published by Happy Place Records again and that were produced by Jordi Gil and Azagra himself in Sputnik Estudios.

The first single is La noche silenciosa, a beautiful love song with a vampiric background and which guarantees a lot about the imminent LP that will drop in April.

On Disco Fantasma All La Glory had Finnish musician Tero Heikkinen's (half of the duo Kindata) synthesizers; and verses lent by two old friends, the Sevillian artist Chencho Fernández and the Chilean artist Sebas Orellana (La Big Rabia), who have collaborated on the lyrics written by Juano Azagra, Fran Pedrosa and Pilar G. Angulo.

Disco Fantasma's album cover will also be a delight, since it was designed by US artist Angela Deane, who has put her stamp on artists' artworks such as Californian artist Phoebe Bridgers.