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Valsaland releases Fängelset

Valsaland has just released their debut album "Fängelset" (literal translation: the Prison). 

Valsaland is a Swedish Stockholm based music project. There are 29 musicians (8-70 yo) playing on the album, under direction of Goblin Mikkanen.

The music is an experimental mix of different genres like psych, post rock, ambient, dream pop and indie, with rock band set up accompanied by brass, wind, string and choir.

Five musicvideos are made for the debut album "Fängelset". Eight international awards are won for three of them in USA, UK, Italy, Spain and Mexico in 2015.

Valsaland "Fängelset" is released on the internet by the own label Esojoule Arts. Free downloads at Bandcamp and available at most of the streaming sites.