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Under Songs: spinning fine

A budded, transparent and more organic sound. Adrian Levi is the proper name with which the valencian Jordi Llopis continues deep into his own path of light and darkness. The framework is found in his earlier work, ‘My Hidden Pockets’. A disc loaded personal impressions: a socially rebellious side, with references to the Iraq war (‘President’), the genocidal vestige of the Nazi concentration camps (‘Your Shame’) and the war in the Balkans (‘Sarajevo’); another intimate, plagued with personal and poetic memories that not only brings the author, but threshed of the contributions that some of his followers dumped in letters that he published on the web. Sentimental and emotional issues add up a set in which the human aspects are reflected in all other subjects that complete the theme of ‘My Hidden Pockets’.

On ‘Under On Songs’ (released in April this year) the key remains stimulate reflection. Although bound in a natural atmosphere that is what strictly musical Adrian Levi is able to offer. Electronic funds give a way to instrumental sections in which predominates the acoustic format. Where the guitars come alive and perpetuate the softness and introversion. The alternating accent from high to low, from a brighter folk sound, like in ‘Fragile’, ‘Fall inside’ or ‘You’ (the latter exudes a special impetus), to a more post-punk style (‘Universe’, ‘Black Tides’, ‘Low places’). A wonderful intro of a ukulele gives us another colorful notes added to the album: ‘Little John’, along with ‘I'm your crime’, is an exercise in bright folk-rock that reminds us why maybe all the letters are expressed, as in the previous album, in English. ‘Ordinary Facts’ is the coda that combines all the elements that have been received in the previous sections of the album: Adrian Levi's voice is expressive, percussion crystallize at peak times and acoustic guitar with keyboards fill the bottom of the tapestry. An intimate tapestry worked for an album with love and care, designed to keep the north of a path that has only just begun.