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Tri Angle’s last steps

Tri Angle turns 5 years in 2015, a restless label in quest of new sounds. Throughout this lustrum, it has presented artists who have become very original and highest-level figures. The list of experimental and original projects is big. From Balam Acab h+to Vessel, going through The Haxan Cloak, Holy Other or Forest Swords. The risk that characterizes the label has never been lost and with each release, new sound doors are opened which, everything must be said, not always come to fruition. In this article we go over the last 4 releases of the label in a format in which it succeeds, the EP.

Fis is the only one who had previously released with the label. Preparations was the letter of introduction in Robin Carolan’s label. That EP was unsuccessful, with a projected darkness and a clear lack of cohesion. Iterations, however, opens with a disturbing atmosphere which promises something different, less unfocused and forceful. It is true that in other songs, it seems to be keeping the obstinacy about remaining in the same ground, no variations or scape spots, but this second EP improves the sensations from just two years ago.

Idle Hours, Boythrood’s debut EP, is like the trace a storm leaves in an industrial and cold city. An industrial sound, pieces that move between far environments, street sounds and wild noise. It seems as if the city was roaring. It is not about sorting out the sounds of a city, but on the contrary, messing up and decomposing until it loses all its sense. Sound layers that appear and disappear. Textures that emerge and control the tracks to be overtaken by a crackle of noise that blends like a mantra. Idle Hours appears not to have coherence or traces of rational outlines, and that is its value and its great negative point.


Tri Angle’s core idea has always been digging towards new sounds and formulas, always from a clearly experimental tendency. Lotic’s debut in the label makes it clear what Tri Angle is and the path it walks. With an obsessive and awkward sound at times, the panorama that Heterocetera shows is that of absolute defenselessness. Tension and unease, but also calm and fragile passages. A vision which is always in motion. With an approach that is, by the minute, danceable, this Lotic’s EP has something that little by little, ends up settling in the listener’s mind. It captures you with songs that follow unexpected paths such as the title track Heterocetera. Something to keep very much in mind.


A soft beginning full of synthesizers, mixed with more raging songs. Baptizsm by Rabit is a Grime EP, schizophrenic and danceable based on synthesized sounds. With an eagerness to generate a discourse to dance but showing signs of value in other areas as well. It is Tri Angle’s most direct-to-the-dance-floor release in a long time, stirring among the most up to date UK Bass trends.