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Together, scrambled and mixed

Fourteen bands, seven shows. Numbers don't add up but in the Ornifest, 2+2 isn't always 4. We're in the band-mingling festival! For two nights bands mixed up, like Sanjays with Mazoni, It's Not Not and Tokyo Sex Destruction and The Freak Fandango Orchestra with Reactable in the first series the 13th of February, and Za! with Esperit, Boreals with Begun, Rosalía with Raul Fernández Refree and Buffetelibre with Hal900 in Saturday.


We were able to experience the experiment presented by the Ornitorrincos firsthand, the first night and in its second edition, with beyond excellent result. Being used to more conventional shows, it is nice to enjoy alternatives like this every now and then. The Mazoni-Sanjays mix-up showed us an electric and very rhythmical Mazoni, and a more feminine vision of the songs through Núria Moliner’s voice, vocaloist in Sanjays.


Madness unleashed with It's Not Not and Tokyo Sex Destruction; the leader of the latter seemed to enjoy this mixing and took it to the audience too. He did not stop climbing down the stage to go and sing, dance and play with them. And each of them took to their ground the songs of the other, building up a more powerful live performance.

And to close the night, the electronic-gipsy experiment of The Freak Fandango Orchestra alongside Reactable.