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The vow of silence of post rock

Nocturama never said so much with so few words. In the evening of Friday, the instrumental sound enough to conquer an audience that surprised to be unexpectedly numerous.

Around 22:00 Kaufer members took the stage and began to pluck the notes to their instruments. The keyboard musical effects pushed back time to the 90s, recreating the auditory image of polygons who shoot martians and retrieving the opening of Pesadillas in the collective memory.

The songs followed one after another, as long interludes of a work that did not exist. The torn and dirty sound just returned encourage viewers 45 minutes later, with a grateful pause Kaufer components. But they soon returned to the charge. The last notes of the post composition pause lengthened without apparent end, making the excitement of the spectators like a guitar string vibrate. The audience stood rapt as he held her breath at the musical coitus interruptus.


50 minutes after the start of the performance of Kaufer, a mysterious character took the stage. He was the last member of the group. His head was covered by a cloth of red and black stripes, and carrying a trumpet. The eccentric play the instrumental group that left no one indifferent, served to season his last chords.

At 23:30 it was time for the highlight of the night, Toundra. The band started with Strelka, which was followed by Mars. The staunchest fans started to shake his head in a reciprocating infected with the post rock of Toundra. They continued with Zanzibar and Qarqom, despite its avowed difficulty to be performed live.

A lone shooting star scratched Seville black sky, while the band played their song called Cielo Negrosevillano. At this point of the night, and no one he seemed to fear dislocated, and whiplash were a problem of tomorrow.


Suddenly bells rang, but the cathedrals were far from the island. It was the signal the beginning of Kitsune. The audience heard the call and, as parishioners, surrendered to the sound ecstasy. Toundra members ran across the stage, leaving hands touching, while distributing its peculiar communion. Viewers were devoted to blow air guitar and the privileged in the front rows played guitar of one of its members as if it were a relic.

After Bizancio, the group responded to the demands of his audience with Medusa and ended his show immortalizing his parishioners with a selfie.