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From Seville to the World

The Varriors was born in the neighbourhood of Santa Justa, in Seville. Toni Martínez, Pep, Akno and One Cortés, the present-day members of the band, started releasing their first, unpublished songs in mid-2014. Since then, they haven't stopped creating.

In its beginnings, the band was made up of seven members which brought in music, visuals and productions. At that time, only three of the present-day members (Toni, One and Pep) were part of the band. However, the arrival of Akno marked the starting point of what today is known as The Varriors.

Since the band was formed, the four Seville-born men have been composing and creating their own songs. "We started at Toni's and Pep's homes, everything was very chaotic and crazy," One tells us. They started with no experience, recording the first songs in computers with 1GB of RAM after long periods of composing and having fun as a group. "We set up a homemade studio at Pep's home, with not a single detail missing. People from around the area were amazed, and up to ten people could be seen reunited in one of the living rooms, composing and having their first contacts with a notebook," the band member adds. Nowadays, however, the composing process has changed for them. "We may need now four times as many hours as before to compose, but the energy we have in the recording studio is the same as back then," One comments.


The Varriors has songs from up to four years ago available on SoundCloud. One tells us that they started to get their songs to circulate on the internet at a very late stage. "Our songs circulated through mobile phones, as only people from close neighbourhoods listened to them. It was people who had been on the industry for a longer time who got us to release our music."

From those first songs until now, they assure us that their evolution has progressed in leaps and bounds. "We have more means now, and above all, we are supported by an impressive music collection from these last years," One tells us. Among others, they are grateful to their mentor, Gordotoloko, from the music band Super K. He was one of the people who pushed them into promoting their music on the internet; he was always patient and always willing to lend them an ear and to give extensive advice to each of the band members.

They explain their music as something full of feeling, which will not leave anyone indifferent. According to One, The Varriors are "able to bring up your most savage side and at the same time, the deepest." "Everyone who listens to us feels transported, you can see it in their faces. This music gets you high on flow," he adds.

Although they are aware that their music belongs into the hip-hop genre, they are also influenced by other ones such as jazz or blues. "Everything has this boom-bap sound with influences of American, Spanish and French rap," One explains.


They claim that their music is "full of Seville's spirit and the city's hidden side." After all, Seville is one of their greatest inspirations for writing, given that the four members of the band grew up in the Sevillian neighbourhoods of Santa Justa, San Pablo and Macarena. "We talk about Seville and how it is seen through the eyes of someone struggling with the hard life. Those are the stories we have been telling since the first day," One comments. The city has been an inspiration to them, to free and express themselves, but it is not the only topic present in their songs.  Some other recurrent themes in their compositions are friendship, the rough times they have been through and why they act in the way they do. "We find inspiration in the things that come to us, in our life experiences and in the experiences of the people who are closest to us," he sums up.

Besides the work carried out among the band members, The Varriors does not question the enrichment that comes from collaborating with other artists. There are remarkable collaborations on their YouTube channel, such as ‘No Hay Marcha Atrás’, by The Varriors, DJ Big Bro and Detakú. "Detakú has been collaborating with The Varriors for years, as rapper and producer he is one of the best," One tells us. Their story with DJ Big Bro, however, started thanks to a show which Sebastián Malaespina and Ofe E organized in Sala Hollander (Seville) in November. One tells us that the opportunity to perform there gave them the chance of meeting other artists, among whom the Murcia-born DJ Big Bro was present, and they later decided to collaborate with him.

This type of collaborations are the ones which offer the band new possibilities of incorporating various styles into their music. One says they are in touch with artists such as Jero Callejero, with more of a rocker and flamenco style, or Luis Martínez, who is more into blues and instrumental music. "This has created amazing moments of improvisation in more than one attic or square in La Alameda, which conform many of our final works," he explains.


If something can be highlighted about The Varriors besides their music, is the attention they pay to the visual and aesthetic part of the whole process. "We are four and our styles are highly mixed, therefore the resulting combination is amazing in every sense. We ourselves take care of videoclips and artwork 90% of the time," One tells us. "Although Pep and Toni are the most involved ones in terms of graphic arts. They have great minds when it comes to production and ideas for the videos," he describes.

They say that during these years they have achieved goals they would not have even imagined in their first days, such as working with artists like Jesuly, a Seville-born rapper. Nowadays they have more referents they keep listening to, and with whom they would like to work. They name, among others, artists suchs as Sicario, Fran 'El Largo' and Tocha Pro. As for concert halls, they dream of performing in ones like Sala Custom or Fun Club, both in Seville. "We have attended concerts of geniuses who we really admire there," One says. Nonetheless, they do not forget about concert halls such as Paris15 in Granada or the Apolo disco in Barcelona, where they have already had the opportunity of performing as guests.

Among their future projects it is worth noting the collaborations with Colombian producer and member of the band La Dupla, Eddy Mugre, which are yet to be released. "And other things that have still not been revealed," One adds.

To finish, they recommend us some artists of their liking: Ladrogalab and El Símbolo de Pleyades. "It is a unique moment and a crazy panorama growing here in Seville, and not just on hip-hop," One concludes.