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The umpteenth comeback of Guillemostacism.

'Encabronad@s' of the world, unite. That would be a good motto for another great night of electropop. But, before one of the most entertaining and subversive showmusical banquets which can be relished nowadays in the indie territory, ice would be broken by the quintet from Murcia El Nuevo Acelerador, who, by means of a bearable and sweeteningpower pop, and solving technical problems with great grace and looks, demonstrated that they know what they're doing (substituting an injured bass player for a guitar always brings more energy into the mix).


Out of a British punctuality, an unpolluted pro-Ibiza aesthetic and quite an overwhelming display of resources (though visual-wise it was lacking), Ellos started to throw at us hits and classics one after the other. Opening with the cyclopean (do I enjoy this song, Jesus) Nuevo Imperio, the first phase would take good care of the last angry batch (Aunque te rías de mí, Tu tiempo está acabando, Extraña melodía — with a genius Guille Mostaza once again going bipolar in the imitation of the truly personal voice of the mythical frontman of Los Piratas- and Prisa — with a decisive Frank Gálvez supporting with his magical bursts-), adding to the electro-danceable mix, among others, the exhilarating Cerca and Hasta el final, the aged and well-distilled Creo que no, Zona VIP and the pro-football Campeón, along with the 2008 Grand Reserve duo No te enamores and El anillo. One of the big moments of the night came before the usual pause with the flag-bearer Diferentes, which had a creamy enlenghtened opening after which the frontman of the night came down the stage to join the generalized pro-Guillemostaza party.

The 'tour cabrón'  kept going firm and fast in its second stop at the capital. The encore was guided by another top-notch selection of great hits and genuinely 'encabronados' classics, beginning with the battering ram Lengua viperina. After such a grand coda, the intimate moment of the evening followed, handing over the baton to the prepared and flashy Santi Capote in order for him to start Tarántulas y súcubos.

The last three songs would be headed due to a popular semi-petition by Lo dejas o lo tomas, amazing work, top song par excellence, condensing the philosophy of the band, and which could not be left out. It was then that Juanjo Reig changed his bass for a guitar collaborating with the karaoke, absolute fan, expansive, sorethroat-provoking moment of the day.

Ellos 4.JPG

The definitive double dragon was for O tú o él o yo + No finjas (special attention to the amazing music video by Jose Luis Algar), topped with one of those Mostaza keyboard plays where he lets go, more than legitimised and welcome for the final climax.

Doesn't matter who. Guille and Santi, Capote and Mostaza: great artists, fun, friendly, coherent people who, for the event, have been surrounded by friends who are good people and good musicians (Xiana Fumega, Fran Gas (ex Varry Brava) y Laura Put along with those mentioned above) to make more attractive and bigger a proposal which has been well-received and around for many years now.

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