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The Strangers sound expansion

About two weeks ago the four pices published the "Cobarde" video as advance of their new EP "Glass", which is just released and is the first prelude of the album comming on 2016.

Among new formations, The Strangers is one of best receives for the medias have known "Cobarde", knowing everything behind that video and the band as their debut album, "#1".

The Strangers belong to a generation grown listening grunge icons as we can see this style in its sound. With a high garage touch, these 90's schoolboys educated with history books from previous decades start to be known and welcome for public and reviews. If their first album, with the wrong unnoted single song "Up & Down", did not get a big diffusion, in this new band work it is perceived an evolution in the music that is getting make the listeners number bigger.


The new Strangers proposal brings more worked out themes and a slow cookingmade one more time with Jordi Gil at Sputnik Recording Studio. Allowing all the ingredients the band has added to the new recipe leave the best of the each one taste for a delicious final result. Everything as a part of an improved continuation from the last released, keeping the aplomb of their guitars and stoner rhythms. Sign of the band.

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